Random Five Friday

It’s been a rather uneventful week, but maybe I can come up with five random thoughts today.

1.) A wren has built a nest in this little birdhouse perched on a rustic old stool on our deck. I think she’s finally getting accustomed to us walking by her home.

wren bird house 8-14-2014 8-26-03 AM

2.) Speaking of birds, here’s this week’s hummingbird photo.  I’m not sure why, but he looks HUGE! I think I still have just the one hummie coming to my feeder.  Once in awhile, I’ll see two, but they always seem to have a little show-down,  and then they both fly away.

hummie from back 7-20-2014 4-28-20 PM

3.) Last week, I walked too close to the recliner, resulting in what I think is a broken little toe. (I’ll spare you a photo of that.) You know: the one who cried “whee, whee, whee” all the way home”?  Well, mine’s just crying.

4.) Marshall sent me this picture of his kitty, Snugg. I think Snugg’s a little camera hog, and I think Marshall has an eye for a nice photo.

snugg 8-14-2014 8-54-08 PM

5.) And lest Sundae be jealous, I’ll share a photo of her showing off entertaining us when my niece and her son were visiting. (Gypsy will have her time in the spotlight next week.)

sundae on chair 8-1-2014 3-45-10 PM

And that’s it for my random five this week.  What randomness is happening in your world?

~These Days Of Mine~


20 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Oh! A broken toe is no fun. Marshall’s photo is fabulous.

  2. Snugg and Sundae are very photogenic. Sorry about the toe—I have had more broken toes than I care to admit to. Klutz with a capital K.

  3. So sorry about your toe. What a reminder as you walk about.
    Snugg has found a nice place to pass the time by the garden, and I can’t believe a wren inhabits that sweet little bird house so close to the ground and activity. You are blessed every day, Dianna.
    Random thing at our house? Son-in-law’s b’day was this past week so they’re spending the weekend with us before school starts. Can’t wait. I hope he likes his present.

  4. Your “randoms” are always great and this one is no exception. I’d say a broken toe is worth remarking on. I hope you mend soon and it doesn’t hurt too much. Sundae’s quite the acrobat and I love the new birdhouse home on the deck. Randoms here might be dinner out with friends tonight, a new 42 inch flat screen t.v. for Bill’s birthday, and things falling apart around the house. You are inspiring me to try the Random 5 thing Dianna. 🙂

  5. Sorry about the toe! Ouch! Little wrens are so much fun to watch. I swear they seek out places close to peeps in hopes of protection from predators! Snugg has the best seat in the garden.. Marshall got a nice click with that garden and bench AND Snugg!

  6. Love the wren house and nest (check in early morning for snakes-sad fact of nature and how I lost for first and almost lost second barn swallows-keep JR and hoe handy) Love Sundae’s pic and my eye was drawn to the chair-never noticed before-I love it. and of course I loved Marshalls picture of his photogenic family! Lastly, put your feet up and pamper yourself-your deserve it, sorry about baby toe.Great post.

  7. Ah yes….the baby toe – it gets its’ share of “hard knocks” indeed – almost all of us have whacked it at least once and broken it if not more. Hope it feels better soon…..other photos are wonderful – The house wrens aren’t afraid of much and that house obviously had just the right features they were looking for in a home!


  8. You have the best ‘randoms!’ So here are my 5 random comments. 1. At least a bird made a nest in that birdhouse; bees tried making a nest in the one I had on our front porch. (!!!) 2. That hummingbird does look humongous! 😉 3. Sorry about the toe. (ouch!!) 4. I think Marshall inherited his eye for nice photos from his mama. 5. Sundae is a born entertainer.

  9. aaww great five… well except for the broken piggy – that’s an ouchie. Snorts XOXO – Bacon

  10. Sorry for the banged up baby piggies toe. The when chose a great home. Love all the random 5s.

  11. Darn tablet…still does NOT know better than I!!! The wRen!!

  12. It so neat when birds build nests close like that. It’s quite a compliment, I think.
    Your female hummingbird is lovely. We have one that’s big like her. We think she’s probably older than the others. I’ve never seen a male big like that. Hummingbirds can live for many many years.
    Bless your poor little toe. Toe-wounds are awful.I hope yours heals soon.
    I think you’re right about Marshall. I think he gets his talents his Mom.
    I think Snugg is magnificent and deserves to be camera hoggy. lol
    Aw Sundae is such a sweetie. She’s a beautiful little show off. You’re a lucky Mom to have such pretty kitties.
    My favorite recent randomness was seeing Mom and Baby Deer this morning and getting to share them on my blog.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. 4 good ones here! – and the toe is definitely worth mentioning on R5F – hope it’s better soon! Thanks for featuring Snugg again!

  14. Great pictures … sorry about the toe!

  15. It’s all right – I have broken three toes in my time. I now wear shoes wherever I go. I also wear glasses.

    I like the photo of Smugg. He looks like a little lion reclining in his own paradise. Cats have such power and presence, don’t they? They are the emporers of our gardens.

  16. Ouch on the toe – hope you have it taped; I have done the same exact thing and it throbbed for quite some time. And then it didn’t 🙂

    Loved all the photos!

  17. Love the photos – A wren – how fun. We have bluebirds nesting in the crepe myrtle outside the kitchen window. I love watching them while doing the dishes. Hope the toe is better.

  18. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The wren picked a perfect place. I do not know much about humming birds, but they are beautiful. I can feel for you Dianna, I have broken the little toe MANY times, hope it’s better soon. Snugg and Sundae both love the camera, great pictures.

  19. I’ve made my little toes cry, but I’ve never broken one. Ouch! Hope it heals quickly. How sweet to have a little wren in your birdhouse. Marshall does take a nice photo, Snugg looks comfy there. Sundae’s eyes and ears give her away. Stinker!

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