Random Five Friday

Friday once again, and time for some random thoughts:

1.) Early Tuesday morning, we had a quick shower. But then the sun came out and seemed to give our little corner of the world a “dreamy” photo effect.

cloudy morning 10-21-2014 8-06-29 AM

2.) I lost my watch a couple of days ago. It wasn’t fancy nor expensive, but I’ve worn it every day for several years. It was a bangle-type: easy to slip on and, apparently, a little too easy to slip off my wrist.

3.) Sundae continues to be an occasional undercover kitty; most evenings, she “asks” to be under her blankie. Sometimes, she starts to emerge, then stops and just lies there.  I took this with my cell phone, no flash.


4.) My friend, Bev, and I managed to squeeze in a beachcombing trip this week. It’s almost November, and we were in flip flops. (The weather took a turn for the worse the next day. Our flip-flop wearing may be over for this year.)

tree 10-18-2014 5-45-43 PM

5.) Motor Man and I are invited to a wedding tomorrow.  We’re friends with the bride’s parents (have only met the bride once), but goodness, who doesn’t love a wedding?

Any randomness in your world today?

~These Days Of Mine~

18 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Love weddings and undercover Sundae!! 29F right now but supposed to be 65 later today – this weekend will be our “Indian Summer” so yes we’ll enjoy some flip flops for part of the day 🙂

    Will you replace the watch? That’s the question …

    • Bought one last night, MJ….another inexpensive one, but I’m hoping it will last as long as the one I just lost….and hoping the lost one will “turn up” now that I’ve bought another. Happy Weekend to you!

  2. I hate that feeling when you lose something, even if it wasn’t of great value. I lost a special bangle bracelet years ago, it still makes me sad.
    I love that top photo, Dianna…it’s beautiful!

  3. Love your Friday randomize. I do hope the lost watch turns up…it probably will since you’ve replaced it!

  4. I meant RANDOMS and tried twice…stupid tablet! (I guess 3 times was the charm!)

  5. Nice week. ….And I’m lost w/out my watch. I don’t know how folks do it w/out one. Enjoy the wedding.

  6. Aw..Sundae is snuggly!!! My Buddy has a passion for coming under the duvet in the morning with me when I am catching up on emails and blogs. I don’t let him under the sheet because he likes to lick and then it turns into nipping as he grooms me. 🙂 Did you find any sea glass????

  7. Do you find yourself constantly looking at your wrist anyway?

  8. Too bad about the watch…….but I “hear” you have a replacement already! Love all the random photos – each comes complete with a memory or a smile (or both).


  9. Oh darn, isn’t losing a favorite piece of jewelry upsetting? I lost an earring this week — not expensive but one of a pair I wore a lot. And I’ve never seen any others quite like them. That photo of undercover Sundae is so cute. 🙂

  10. love that tree photo! i gave up wearing a watch several years ago. i use my cell phone, now.

  11. It looks like Sundae’s wearing a hoodie 😉

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    We were headed to Greensboro Tues so we did not see any rain, but your picture is pretty. I don’t blame Sundae for being under the covers sense it’s been cool! The picture of the beach is lovely. Where were you and Donna? Losing something can be a pain, but glad you got a new one. Enjoy the wedding tomorrow and have a good weekend.

  13. Love the picture of Sundae. She’s ready for Halloween!

  14. Hope your weekend was spectacular. When I was in Boston recently, I saw swans on the pond in Boston Commons and immediately thought of you. Isn’t it cool how we think of our blogging friends even when away from the computer!

  15. Even rainy mornings are beautiful from your vantage point. I hope your watch turns up. I’m with Sunday, the blanket feels good!

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