For Gypsy’s Fan Club

Gypsy’s fan club members have spoken: they want to see pictures of her.  They say it’s been too long since she’s been featured here on These Days. So, by popular demand, here are a few recent pictures of Gyp-Gyp.

Look who she met last week. I’m sure Santa Paws going to bring her lots of prezzies; she’s been a very good kitty this year.

jr gypsy elf 12-4-2014 12-12-29 PM

Gypsy’s favorite place is on Motor Man’s shoulder. We think it goes back to when she was just a baby and first adopted us:

gypsy and jr 9-8-2013 3-56-25 PM

When Motor Man is at his desk, she will sit in front of him until he lies back in his chair, then she moves up on his shoulder. It’s unusual for me to see her there; she usually only does that when he’s at the shop alone. Sometimes, she’ll lie there on his shoulder until he finally moves her. (Has she grown a little since she became our shop kitty?)


She also helps him when he’s at the computer.

jr and gypsy 12-6-2014 4-29-36 PM

So that’s what Gypsy’s been up to lately. And she says thank you to her fan club members for requesting photos.

~These Days Of Mine~

20 responses to “For Gypsy’s Fan Club

  1. She’s a cutie alright……and obviously loves her Motor Man Dad… as a shop kitty is pretty darn good! I’m SURE Santa Paws will find her there – she’s been a very good girl I know……..


  2. Consider me a member of the Gypsy fan club. She is adorable and obviously she has a friend in Motor Man. Cute, cute, cute.

  3. Aww — she’s so smart to have picked you guys as her fur-ever family!
    Life is good for Gyp-gyp!


  4. A good excuse for MM to take a nap at the shop! So sweet.

  5. Aww Gypsy.. such a beautiful girl! Nice to see you.. ♥

  6. She has gotten bigger! She is a doll baby and i know who loves and adores her the most–and his initials are MM! I look forward to seeing her little highness on Friday! Sweet post about one of our friends that make our lives so much sweeter.

  7. I know my friend, Sam, will be pleased to see the pictures of Gypsy-girl. He’s also a member of her fan club!!

  8. So cute! Gypsy is definitely a daddy’s girl!

  9. Gypsy’s adorable–I think that my favorite picture is the one of her at the computer with Motor Man.

  10. I was just thinking recently, “How’s Gypsy?” Thank you for the update. What wonderful company to have around the shop office.

  11. It is wonderful to see Gypsy, she is such a beautiful girl. You guys have two wonderful kitties.

  12. We all need an adoring constant companion….

  13. I love the two of them at the computer! And what a beautiful sweet kitty she is.

  14. JR is a lucky guy. Not many people have a sweet kitty to keep them company while at work.

  15. Aw, Gypsy, you’re so blessed to have been adopted by your pawrents. 🙂

  16. She has grown! – I had a feeling there’d be a gyp-post coming up soon .. & I’m sure there will be no shortage of antics & pics for another one soon ! 😉

  17. Sounds like Gypsy and Motor Man have a mutual admiration thing going – they definitely enjoy each other’s company. Cuddles!!!

  18. Gypsy sure loves her Daddy, just like mes

  19. Gypsy and MM look like they’re in a deep discussion there at the computer. She doesn’t seem impressed with the elf.

  20. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    It’s good to see what Gypsy is up to these days! She really is getting to be a big and beautiful kitty. Glad to see she is helping MM.

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