Random Five Friday

Happy Friday! Ready for some randomness?

1.) Tonight, our little town hosts the second annual Evening Christmas Craft and Food Market. I missed last year’s, so I’m looking forward to tonight. Plus a few friends are coming to enjoy it with me. At the Christmas Store on Main Street, there will be a special appearance by Donna Strother Deekens, the former Miller & Rhoads Snow Queen, who will be signing copies of her book, “The Real Santa of Miller & Rhoads”.  For those of you not from this area, the Santa at Miller & Rhoads in Richmond was THE REAL Santa.

Marshall with the Snow Queen, 1986

Marshall with the Snow Queen, 1986

I found this quote from an interview with Ms. Deekens: “The children would come up to the Snow Queen first, and she would chat with them and find out their names and put them at ease. [The Snow Queen would relay the child’s name to Santa using a special “connection,” which is still a secret to the general public.] Then Santa would be able to call over the child [by name]…”

Marshall’s first grade class visited the REAL Santa.

marshall and santa 12-11-2014 8-12-24 PM

2.) Speaking of Santa, I saw this picture on the internet yesterday and wanted to share it. The newborn’s name is Scarlett, and she fell asleep just as it was time for her to visit Santa, so he improvised. I’m guessing this Santa loves his job.

santa and scarlet 12-10-2014 8-51-40 PM

3.) Sundae loves her job as Christmas tree inspector.  When we put up our tree this week, she was VERY interested, so much so that a few of the ornaments were soon moved to higher branches.

sundae and ornament 12-9-2014 9-47-09 PM

4.) Once again, I’m using Random Five Friday to convey special birthday wishes. My friend, Linda’s, birthday is tomorrow. Linda and I met in 1997, when I went to work with her. I changed jobs three years later, but our friendship has continued.

lt 2-26-2014 2-06-42 PM

5.) And Sunday is my sister, June’s, birthday. (She’s known me quite a bit longer than Linda has.)

June and her girls

June and her girls

 Christmas happenings and birthdays make for a fun Random Five Friday. Your turn: feel free to share your randomness!

~These Days Of Mine~

23 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. How nice that Marshall got to meet the REAL Santa……I first met the REAL Santa in Weisbaden, Germany many MANY years ago! You have a lot of celebrations this week – birthdays and craft fairs….makes the season quite festive……we don’t hear from June any longer on the blog but please give her our best wishes for a HAPPY birthday!!!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

  2. Love the Snow Queen and Santa pics and story. Fun. I am sure your night will be fantastic enjoying the craft and food market. Memories being made!

  3. I’ve heard so much from my Richmond friends about Miller and Rhoads. Sorry so many of these great old department stores are gone now.

  4. Thanks for remembering my birthday. Happy birthday, Linda! I’ve heard so many good things about you. I look forward to your Friday randoms!

  5. Olde Towne Photos

    So glad you’ll get to see my friend, Donna, er I mean, the Snow Queen. I should have mentioned she was coming to Smithfield earlier. She would LUV to have that photo on her page! Please share. I’ll be seeing her Saturday.

  6. WONDERFUL Random 5. I fondly remember my girls 1st grade trip to Miller & Rhoads also. So much fun! Happy Birthday too!

  7. Happy Birthday to your friend Linda and your sister June!

  8. Happy Birthday, June! and Happy Birthday, Linda.

  9. That pigture of Sundae is adorable!!


  10. Happy Birthday to June and Linda! Oh, the picture of Scarlett asleep with Santa is so sweet.

  11. Love the pics! I have some of my kids with “the real Santa”!

  12. We made a day of it every year to visit Santa at Miller & Rhoads and then had lunch with him in the tea room and had a piece of his Rudolph cake. Then it was on to shopping at the room where the children could purchase little gifts for their Christmas presents. Laura could hardly wait to do the shopping and then it was all she could do to keep the gift a secret until Christmas morning. Wonderful memories.

  13. I love old Christmas memories. As kids we went to Hess Brothers Department store in Allentown, PA to see Santa. It had about 6 stories which meant we had elevators and escalators to ride and big beautiful chandeliers. It was always crowded and we had to wait in a long line to see him. But it was worth it because he was the REAL Santa. All the others were just his “helpers”.

  14. Christmas has come to TheseDays!
    Tonight should be a good time – it was a big hit last year…….
    Happy Birthday, Linda!
    & Happy Birthday tomorrow, Aunt June !

  15. What a happy post this is! I love the old pics of Marshall and the Snow Queen and Santa, and then the baby and Santa asleep on the job. Marshall was an adorable child. Sundae is adorable too in her inspection of the tree. Good times, Christmas smiles and birthday cheer to welcome the season of joy.

  16. What a great random five! Thanks so much for the smiles!

  17. Absolutely loved the old pictures of Marshall as a youngster with the Real Santa and Snow Queen – aww. And Sundae as a tree inspector – so so cute! Happy Birthday to your friend and your dear sister – so much happiness in this post, I appreciate you sharing all of it.


  18. Hi Dianna, love your list! I enjoy the annual holiday craft fair…used to go to one every year in our small community in the foothills of Colorado. So much fun and a perfect way to get in the holiday spirit. Love the Santa photo! Thanks for sharing! ~ Sheila

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    My other home town, Smithfield was indeed in a festive mood. My Aunt Connie had eye surgeon Wednesday so I came up on Tues to take care of her. She was doing so well we went in town on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and shopped. Saw Marshall on Friday, I just love that Flag Store. He is such a nice young man, I enjoy talking to him. We did not make it to the holiday craft fair Friday night but enjoyed the festive streets and stores. Loved seeing the pictures of Mqrshall and hearing about the real Santa. Have a good weekend, Dianna.

  20. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    lol, I do know how to spell Marshall’s name.

  21. Your picture of Sundae and the Christmas ornament reminded me of a time years ago when our dog ate several paper mache ornaments. Needless to say, the remaining ornaments got moved much higher on the tree.

  22. Sweet Christmas memories. And the REAL Santa! Sundae looks like she adores the decorations.

  23. Oh, that visit with the REAL Santa must have been so special and a snow queen too! I absolutely adored that photo of the ‘sleeping’ Santa with the baby…so sweet. Sundae just wants to make sure the tree is done right….right? 😉

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