Random Five Friday: Valentine Edition

Friday again, and time for R5F.

1.) We had snow yesterday!  ( I can hear you laughing, you know….)

snow and tree 2-12-2015 5-27-46 PM

2.) Yesterday, Gypsy was lying on her back in my lap (that is a lapful, by the way). I straightened out my legs, and she didn’t move.

db and gyp-001

(…close up. I finally sat her upright; she was content for so long, I was concerned the blood would rush to her head.) Silly girl.

gyp 2-12-2015 1-07-30 PM

3.)  Two years ago, my late cousin, Lona, sent me this “custom” Valentine by email. Miss her so much.

is always there for me day or night
is a good listener, no matter what my fear
is a friend, a sister, my favorite cousin
is always there with a tissue to catch all the tears,
brings me snacks to cure all my ills
shares with me her latest adventures, or sits
quietly beside me as the chefs of the world cook for us on tv
creates and sends the greatest greeting cards
loves me no matter what.
NAN – You Are My Valentine!
Love you, lme

4.) Just for fun, I shared this photo a few years ago in a post recalling the time Motor Man gave me a 6 carat carrot ring for Valentine’s Day.

db and 6 carrot ring 2-14-2006 1-45-29


5.) But, seriously, Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweetheart.

jrdb 9-12-10 9-12-2010 4-53-19 PM

And to each of you as well.

~These Days of  Mine~

15 responses to “Random Five Friday: Valentine Edition

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and everyone at your place. Looks like you’re having a lot of fun.

  3. Touching – brought tears to my eyes – I miss her too! That’s the kind of karats my husband keeps ‘threatening’ to give to me too. Beautiful sentiment and the best of Valentine’s Day to you.

  4. This was so appropriate for the day…you and MM are the perfect Valentine couple…your love shines through. Still hard to believe sweet Lona is gone.

  5. 🙂 The 6-carrot ring is a hoot!!! So is Gypsy. Happy ❤ day!

  6. Gypsy cracks me up! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  7. There’s nothing like making each other laugh to keep the home fires burning.

  8. Sweet poem from Lona…….and I hope you lovebirds have a wonderful weekend celebration for Valentine’s Day!


  9. Loved the poem from Lona. And it is all true. You were so good to her. And the 6 carrot ring is one of my favorite things MM has given you! Happy Valentine’s Day.

  10. Another great and special R5F!
    I don’t remember ever reading that poem… another of Lona’s many talents ..
    Like I said before, Gypsy’s becoming a kneecat..
    and.. you don’t still have that ring, do you ? ; )

  11. oh, that ring is hilarious!!!

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Lona’s words were truly from her heart. She was a special person and loved you very much. MM Man is such fun and you can see he loves to surprise you and make you laugh. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both.

  13. How fun! Love the carrot ring! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Motor Man! ~ Sheila

  14. That’s another great picture of you and MM. Love the 6-carrot ring. Aggie would too!

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