Daily Archives: March 10, 2015


Yesterday, as I walked into Barnes and Noble, that security beeper thingie sounded. Since I had nothing in my hand except my purse, I just ignored it and kept walking.

An employee said: “Excuse me, ma’am, did you just beep when you came in?”.  And I replied that yes, I did, but I didn’t have anything on me to beep. He said that I should see “John” over at the counter, so they could determine what was making me beep and “disarm” it (not his word).

So John came over and asked me to walk back through the sensor “arch”. And I beeped once again. He said that maybe it was my purse. I left my purse on one side, walked through, and beeped again. He suggested that maybe it was my jacket. I took off my jacket, walked through and beeped yet again. Perhaps it was my shoes. I took off my shoes and walked through. And beeped. Maybe it was my sunglasses, took those off and yep, beeped again.

I then told John that I wasn’t taking off anything else, and he said that was fine, to not worry about it.

When I checked out, John was my cashier, and very kindly gave me an extra 10% discount because of my trouble. I reminded him that I was probably going to beep as I went out the door.

But I didn’t…..

My next stop was Kohl’s. When I went in, sure enough, I beeped. So I went to the first cashier I saw and told her what happened.  And, when I left, once again, I beeped.

I doubt it was my top, or my scarf.  It COULD be the jeans I was wearing. They’re fairly new.  But, when I got home , I searched them and found no security gizmo. PLUS, I had bought them at Kohl’s last week, and didn’t beep when I left.

beep 3-9-2015 3-00-07 PM

So, beep-beep.  I’m clueless.

~These Days Of Mine~