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Random Five Willy-Nilly Friday

It’s the end of another week and time for five random thoughts.

1.) Last Saturday, as we came home and drove in our driveway, I noticed a hawk perched in one of the pine trees.  I snapped a quick photo of him on the limb, then this one as he took flight. It was nearing sunset, thus the soft golden hour glow.

hawk flying 3-21-2015 6-41-24 PM

2.) Yesterday, I cleaned out two closets. I’m trying not to think about how many more I have to do. How does all that STUFF accumulate?  Oh, and I had some help.  Get ready, thrift shop, here I come!

sundae and closet

3.) The colors of the sky during yesterday morning’s sunrise were quite unusual. Soon after I took this picture, the sun disappeared, leaving us with showers for much of the day.

sunrise1 3-26-2015 7-04-35 AM

  4.) Tuesday evening, I transferred the photos from Motor Man’s flip phone to the computer. I’ll have a blog post next week about that, but this was one of the many photos I discovered. It was taken last April. Gypsy’s apparently very trusting of Marshall.

marshall and gypsy good 4-29-2014 10-21-15 PM

5.) Learning how to transfer those photos required that I visit our local Verizon store. The manager offered us a sweet deal: a new phone, a new tablet and more data….for less money.  That sounds a little too good to be true; I have a few questions before we agree to that.  PLUS, I’m not looking forward to learning a new phone.

Your randomness?

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