Daily Archives: March 5, 2015

I Feel Safe Here

Monday afternoon, we had sunshine for the first time in several days. I happened to look out of our bedroom window and saw this precious little deer:

deer1 3-2-2015 4-03-14 PM

(Yes, our poor bench is sinking into the ground. We may not get out to straighten it until the “spring thaw”.)

I’d never seen a deer so relaxed in our yard, so I kept going back to the window every few minutes.  Aw….even sweeter than before.

sleepy deer 3-2-2015 4-11-22 PM

About 30 minutes later, I was starting to get concerned that something may be wrong with him because he had been lying there so long. Motor Man tapped on the window, and the deer raised its head and looked in our direction, but wasn’t bothered in the least.

looking at you 3-2-2015 4-46-36 PM

Then he began chewing, and that went on for several more minutes. I know cows chew cuds, but do deer also do that?

chewing 3-2-2015 4-46-50 PM

It was time for us to leave to meet friends for dinner, but I really was worried about leaving him; he just looked so tiny and vulnerable.  As we pulled out of our driveway, I happened to see two other (larger) deer lying a short distance from where he was. That made me feel much better.

2 deer 3-2-2015 4-55-09 PM

They were just sunning themselves (as Motor Man had told me all along). Guess humans aren’t the only ones ready for some sunshine.

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