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Random Five Friday

Happy Friday from (still) wintery southeast Virginia, where our high today is expected to be 29.  My randomness for this week:

1.) Although winter returned yesterday, on Wednesday, we had a little sunshine and temps in the 70’s. My friend, Bev and I managed to get in a shelling trip. Although our found treasures weren’t all that great,  we enjoyed walking along the shore. We call it our therapy.

2.) Motor Man and I make our bed every morning….as a general rule. Wednesday, I had an early appointment, and, before we had a chance to make the bed, Sundae decided that she wanted to be under her (blue) blankie. So that’s how we left her. When we returned a couple of hours later, not only had she emerged from her blanket, but she’d also retrieved her toy octopus and brought it up on the bed with her. She must have gotten lonely.

sundae and octupus 3-4-2015 10-54-45 AM

3.) I’m sure I’ll be hearing from Gypsy’s “fan club” if I don’t share a photo of her, too. So here she is in her favorite spot: Motor Man’s shoulder.

jr gyps

4.) I took this picture of the sunrise last Friday morning, It’s one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken recently. Thankfully, most of that snow is gone. Sorry, Facebrook friends, for the rerun.

sunrise 2-27-2015 6-52-01 AM

5.) Motor Man and I have a “breakfast date” in the morning with friends. I’m looking forward to it!

What are you looking forward to this weekend? (Hope it includes sunshine and warm(er) temps!)

willy nilly-001

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