Daily Archives: March 25, 2015

Sun-Puddle Sundae

Sunday afternoon, we came home to find Sundae basking in a sun puddle on the dining room floor. (Sundae: what in the world are you doing down here on the floor, Motor Mommy?!)

sundae sunpuddle last 3-23-2015 2-42-52 PM

“Sun puddle” is a term I first read in the blogosphere. I wish I knew who coined the phrase. (More pictures, really?)

sundae sunpuddle1 3-23-2015 2-42-20 PM

It just perfectly describes the scene when a kitty is enjoying the warmth of the sun shining through a window. (Are we done, yet?  You’re interrupting my basking.)

sundae sunpuddle right 3-23-2015 2-42-41 PM

I don’t think Sundae gives much thought to what it’s called. (Purrlease don’t share these pictures if this angle makes me look fat.)

sundae sunpuddle last 3-23-2015 2-42-52 PM

She’s just too busy enjoying it…..at least when I’m not annoying her with the camera.

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