Daily Archives: March 17, 2015

The Many Faces Of Monday Morn

Or, rather, Monday morn’s sky. This was my first glimpse at 6:53 a.m: red sky at morning.

sunrise1a 3-16-2015 5-53-48 AM

Entirely different, and to my eye, not quite as pretty, at 7:04.

sunrise2 3-16-2015 6-04-35 AM

Still changing, and becoming brighter, at 7:24.

sunrise3 3-16-2015 7-24-11 AM

And a close-up, brighter still, at 7:30.

sunrise last 3-16-2015 7-30-57 AM

Bonus!  Not only did Monday begin with a glorious sky, it ended with one as well.

sunset home 3-16-2015 7-37-13 PM

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