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House For Sale: Sunsets Included

One evening last week, on our way home from dinner, we noticed that the setting sun was a “red rubber ball” (Marshall’s words.)

We knew that there would be a photo op just a few miles outside of town, so we headed in that direction.

jordan house1 2-27-2015 5-44-16 PM

I’ve shared photos of this old home, known as The Charles Driver Jordan House, before.   It’s been years since anyone has lived here, and the property is now for sale.

jordan at sunset 2-27-2015 5-44-49 PM

We keep hoping someone will come along with the funds and desire to restore it before it’s either demolished or simply falls down.

jordan house sunset3 2-27-2015 5-47-07 PM

 Just imagine the sunset views they’d have.

sunset 2-27-2015 5-48-09 PM

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