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It Was Vintage

Spring sprang Saturday in Smithfield, just in time for the second annual Vintage Market. Sunshine, no wind and temps in the upper 60’s made for a perfect day.

My friend, Donna, and I arrived shortly after the market opened at 10 and found it packed with shoppers. The first booth we saw had delightful vintage architectural elements, such as this beautiful wooden door.  We persuaded a fellow shopper to take our picture.

donna and db 3-21-2015 10-15-17 AM

There were vintage toys for boys:

firetrucks 3-21-2015 10-26-55 AM

And girls:

dolls 3-21-2015 10-28-56 AM

There was much to “catch the eye”;  for instance, this repurposed window, decorated with “marbles” and lids from dishes.

blue window best 3-21-2015 10-48-59 AM

And this charming little table featuring old love letters:

love letter table 3-21-2015 10-49-46 AM

Although a few folks brought their dogs to the market, we also spotted this little cutie. It wasn’t until I uploaded the photo that I noticed her “nail” polish. (I sure hope her owner didn’t tell her that she was in the ham capital of the world...)

pig 3-21-2015 11-41-52 AM

But, this….this was the THE moment.  My friend, Donna, discovering, for sale, burlap bags from her late father’s peanut business.

donna and peanut bag 3-21-2015 11-13-59 AM

She bought a few for herself and family members. And I bought one, just because.

We browsed and shopped for about 90 minutes.  Although the market was open until 2:00, many of the vendors (including those selling food) had sold most of their wares by the time we left.

Before our adventure came to an end, Donna and I had a nice lunch (seasoned with laughter), did a little more shopping and had a visit with Motor Man and Gypsy at our shop.

It was a fun day.  It was vintage.

~These Days Of Mine~