Daily Archives: March 24, 2015

Dear Deer

Here’s the latest post featuring “our” deer. I’ve decided that I’ll just enjoy them and try not worry about all my shrubs they’ve been munching on all winter.

This was Friday evening. We noticed them from our bedroom window, and I quietly slipped out on the deck to get photos. Obviously, I wasn’t quite as stealthy as I thought.

looky1 3-20-2015 6-05-04 PM

I love how they seem so interested in what I’m doing.

looky3a 3-20-2015 6-05-34 PM

Is it just me, or does that little one resemble a llama? His legs just seem a little short….

3 looking 3-20-2015 6-07-05 PM

But, as I told Motor Man years ago when he mentioned how short MY legs are: they DO reach the ground!

little one stepping 3-20-2015 6-07-07 PM

The little one was so curious, he looked as though he would have liked to come closer, but didn’t.

hello 3-20-2015 6-07-31 PM

There were eight in our yard that evening.

Dear Deer, please just munch on the grass, preferably the weeds.  Those pretty shrubs (called hydrangeas, by the way) are really not good for you. Thanks.

~These Days Of Mine~