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St. Patty’s Day Treasures On The Beach

Yesterday, we had SPRING: sunshine, temps in the upper 70’s and a delightful breeze.

Bev and I took advantage of the weather and spent a little time beachcombing in the afternoon. I found some green, which I thought was appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day.  The shard on the far left is textured (embossed?) and a gold-green color. It’s the thickness of a potato chip.

green 3-17-2015 7-56-24 PM

But, my treasure for the day was this. A Bayer aspirin bottle, which was full of sand when I found it.

bayer bottle1 3-17-2015 4-29-37 PM

It cleaned up rather nicely.

bayer bottle2 3-17-2015 7-57-21 PM

We haven’t determined an approximate date yet.  Motor Man did a little online research last night, and we think it’s possibly from the 1930’s.

In the meantime, it has a new home on the shelf in our half bath.

shelf1 3-18-2015 7-21-30 AM

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