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Peanuts On A Bottle?

Tuesday, we had temps in the low 70’s, so Bev and I couldn’t pass up that opportunity to go shelling/beachcombing.


 Bev always seems to find the interesting bottle shards. This was her find this week:

bevs bottle shard 3-8-2015 3-14-48 PM

The peanuts embossed on the glass really had us stumped. Was this a soda bottle? Why would an image of peanuts be on a soda bottle?

Yesterday, one of Motor Man’s former employees, Tom, came by our shop for a visit. He mentioned that one of his hobbies was digging for old bottles. (What are the odds, right?) So I mentioned the peanuts-on-the-bottle shard. And he said: “I have one of those bottles! In fact, I think I have may have two!”.

He said that he would give me one, and he, Motor Man and I decided to meet for dinner last night.

Not only did he give me one….he gave me two! (Turns out, he actually had three.)

2 bottles best 3-11-2015 6-51-35 PM

I realize that it’s impossible to tell from this picture that the clear bottle is the same as the shard Bev found, but it is. Other than the color, the green one is identical.

The reason for the peanuts? The name on the bottles is Sunnybrook Bottling Company, Suffolk, Va., with a patent date of 1929. Suffolk is located about 20 miles from us, and is one of many cities who boast the title of Peanut Capital of the World.  Tom used to live in Suffolk, and actually found these bottles on his property when he lived there years ago.

In a search of E-bay,  I found current auctions for two Sunnybrook bottles like these: one green and one clear. The description states that these were associated with Pepsi-Cola.  The buy-it-now price for the clear bottle is $39.99. And for the green one? $114.67. Believe me, I’ve added the auction for the green one to my watch list.

I wonder if Tom will “repo” mine if the one on E-bay sells for that price?

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