The Randomness of November

Today, on November’s last Saturday, I’m posting some random photos that I’ve deemed share-worthy.

Pansies in the flower boxes on our deck on a recent foggy morning. The pansy color is “Wine and Cheese”.

The sunrise on November 3. Must have been good atmospheric conditions for contrails that morning.

The quality of this next photo isn’t very good (it was taken through our kitchen window). But it was such a tender moment between Mama Deer and her two little ones that I decided to share it.

I caught this little bird one morning during golden hour.

And, finally, here’s a picture showing how Sundae-girl has spent many of these beautiful November days.

It’s the same way she’s spent most of the November nights.

13 responses to “The Randomness of November

  1. What lovely photos…each with a special feeling….colorful pansies with a backdrop of fog – a beautiful sunrise with messages in the contrails – Mom and kids enjoying the grass together – a cheery little bird and of course your Sundae-girl….enjoying her happy napping!

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. What do cats dream about in all those hours of sleeping?

  3. I would vote for the pansy pic if this was a photo challenge amongst yourself.

  4. Sundae! Nice to see you sweetie, even if you are snoozing. Awwww.

    Such a nice series of photos for you to choose this November morning Dianna. It is cold, dreary and raining this morning in MissouREE but I have your pretty photos to look at!

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Beautiful reminds of November and as always a great pic Sundae. Oh a cat’s life.

  6. I really enjoyed waking up to all of these beautiful photos … have to say that the pansy photo is calendar worthy!

    Ever thought of producing a calendar with your collection of photos? you could do it and I’d surely buy one .. or more!

  7. hi sundae! 🙂 love that sky shot. so beautiful over the water!

  8. Definitely some share-worthy selections here … I don’t remember you doing a “variety-post” before, but it’s a great idea! I’d say the one of the bird is my favorite, but Sundae turns napping into an art …. 😉

  9. Marshall, I think all cats have the ‘art’ of napping down pat!!
    Love the random shots, Dianna.

  10. Sundae looks very comfortable. I agree with Marshall, an art form. Your pansies are pretty, great background for them. Your photos never disappoint, always pleasing to the eye, and the heart.

  11. Definitely share-worthy! Thanks for giving us a feast for the eyes on this Saturday after Thanksgiving.

  12. What wonderful and fun pictures, Dianna! I am especially fond of the pansies and the skyline. I love the contrast in colors and themes, lines and shapes. Quite the artist you are!

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