Motor Man’s Wild Horse Tours

This weekend, for the first time,  Motor Man and I took friends on a “Wild Horse Tour” on the Outer Banks.  Our neighbor, Susie, has been wanting to see the horses, so we scheduled a 5 a.m. departure time Sunday morning from her beach house.

Susie had two young friends visiting her at the beach: a twelve-year old and her eight-year old brother. All three of them were ready and waiting when we arrived to take them on their tour.

We watched the sun rise as we drove along the beach.

We’d only been on the beach about 15 minutes when we spotted the first horse. (Whew! It would have been so disappointing to not see any horses.)

We drove along the beach up to the North Carolina/Virginia state line. This fence marks the line and extends up on the beach. It’s one of the boundaries used to contain the horses within their protected area.

We saw a total of 41 horses on our trip, including these five, sunning themselves beside the dunes.

We also saw this tiny fawn. We hope Mama Deer was nearby, but we didn’t see her.

This particular dune presented quite a challenge, but Motor Man and the Jeep were “up” to the task.  As you might imagine, the eight-year old, being a boy, was thrilled that it took us three attempts to reach the top.  Me, not so much.

Motor Man: have Jeep, will find horses.

22 responses to “Motor Man’s Wild Horse Tours

  1. Beautiful. That fawn was precious!!! Love it when you actually see them with their spots. 🙂

  2. You got some really great shots there – it must be very cool to see these horses on the beach. My daughter Karen would absolutely love it!! The beach itself looks lovely as well with those lovely white sands.
    Thanks for your visit – it’s not easy keeping up is it? I know I find it hard at this time of year. I don’t remember it being so hard last year.!!
    Anyway don’t worry about not visiting – it’s nice to hear from you when you can – and I will try to visit you more often too :))
    Take care!!!

  3. Oh great shots! Love the waves….and the sand….the horses look quite content and hopefully the little fawn’s Mom was keeping a close eye on him/her from the dunes! It was nice that JR’s Wild Horse Tours gave the “tour group” some sights and sounds to remember!!

    Pam (and Sam)

  4. What a thrilling trip! Thank you for sharing these wild horses on the coast. Thrills me! I am sure the “kids” just love it.

  5. Wonderfully fun! Great summer memories for the kids AND the adults… 🙂

  6. What an adventure! I just love it. I’ve been on a beach in Nantucket in such a vehicle. What a ride!

  7. What a treat to see so many horses. When we spot a train with grandson who absolutely loves them, we count the cars…but to count horses! What an experience.

  8. That looks like so much fun. Beautiful photos.

  9. I would love to see the horses too! Although I was quite scared by my first encounter with a deer.
    Have a nice day! Purrs

  10. What a great day! That fawn is precious 🙂

  11. Another great morning at the beach….So jealous since my one and only trip ON the beach, did not see ONE horse. But the ride is fun.
    And Motor Man can make any ride fun!

  12. that’s awesome! what a great tour to be on – with experienced tour guides!

  13. I sure am lucky to have neighbors that share their adventures! What a great morning. Motor Man has become a great horse tracker and I had do doubt that he could get up that hill! Now that I proved I can get up to watch the sunrise…we need to watch the sunset together too. Dinner on my deck and dessert with the sunset?

  14. You should start a early morning tour. I would love to be your first customer! What a beautiful scene at God,s favorite time of day. Now we know why. Nature is alive!

  15. What a fun morning you and company had! I still am amazed that there are wild horses there. I guess I always thought they were mostly out west!

  16. What a gift to give to friends!! It’s so wonderful that you share these beauties with us…so I can imagine getting to BE there with you!!

  17. Glad the inaugural Wild Horse Tour was a success!! They sure do show up for y’all !

  18. Thank you for sharing these pictures, how great to see you and your family enjoying life! Nice Blog 🙂

  19. What fun!!! Beach, horses, gorgeous views, friends….what could be better? Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

  20. Beautiful as always! Hey, sounds like a great business idea…wild horse tours…that would be an easy sell! ~ Sheila

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a lucky ride for your friends, great pictures 41 horses WoW!

  22. That’s a lot of horses. I’m glad all of you got to see them.

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