Sunset Sunday (And Swans)

Wednesday evening’s sunset.

“‘Scuse me, weren’t you just here at sunrise this morning?”

And you, too!

‘My’ swans and a pretty sunset.

Such a peaceful way to end the day.


15 responses to “Sunset Sunday (And Swans)

  1. Peaceful and beautiful both….lovely! Your swans know a good thing when they see one…… 😀

    Pam and Sam

  2. I doubt I would ever get anything done around your place! The views are simply breathtaking!

  3. As Linda Ellerbee used to sign off “And so it goes.” How wonderful to be sure about these favorite things.

  4. ‘Your’ swans know a free breakfast and dinner waits. I think everyone would like to dine with such a gorgeous sunset as a backdrop.

  5. Lovely shots, I love your swan pictures but the first one is my favourite – just such a beautiful scene. :))

  6. such great models they are!

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    There is no more beautiful site than your swans with
    sunrise or sunset.

  8. Wish we had sunsets. We only have sunrises. Last picture is gorgeous.

  9. It would seem the swan pair doesn’t stray too far anymore! Perfect additions to these sunsets ……

  10. live is good….all of this is free!!!

  11. itsallaboutpurple

    * life

  12. Nice color at sunset! The swans are always a treat.

  13. Beautiful sunset photos, Dianna, and I always love seeing the swans!

  14. Lovely! The swans just add a bit bigger smile to the picture.

  15. The first with groom swan is such a perfect silhouette/reflection! I’m so glad ‘your’ swans visit you often, cause we get to share in their beauty with you!

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