Sunrise Saturday (With Swans and Ducks)

These photos were taken around the time of sunrise on Wednesday morning.

It seems that we’ve had clouds during the sunrise for the past few days.

But clouds just make the sky more interesting.

Speaking of interesting:

Bride Swan and Groom Swan have found our yard to be very interesting recently. (Perhaps the $1 per loaf bread from Dollar General has something to do with their interest.)

And I’ve started something with these three:

They now eat their corn from a Cool Whip container.

Sunrise is a busy time around here.


13 responses to “Sunrise Saturday (With Swans and Ducks)

  1. Ah yes….sunrise breakfast at “Keen Landing” is a popular attraction – a well known drive-in restaurant (well, actually it’s a “float-in” for this bunch!) on the water for local wildlife. Great photos as always!

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. Wonderful shots of the view from your restaurant! It is always nice to have the regulars…

  3. Enjoyed this sunrise this morning! And the moochers are sweet too.

  4. Beautiful pics on the sunrise! Dianna, you are spoiling these guys…the next thing you know you will be making fresh baguettes daily for the swans and serving the mallards corn on fine china!! 😉

  5. It certainly is gorgeous! The layers of clouds and colors is so peaceful yet exciting. As always, love Bride and Groom and look forward to seeing more of the “Three Amigos” eating their corn!

  6. another peaceful sunrise. And, aren’t you a sweetie, feeding the birds? I love to see them getting food so that they might live and grow.

  7. These guys know a sweet deal when they find it!!! But they also make great companions while watching sunrises/sunsets!

  8. A fine sunrise signals the beginning of another busy day in Wild Kingdom 😉

  9. Beautiful sunrise.

  10. the ducks are too cute. 🙂 i like the ‘question mark’ cloud in the top shot.

  11. Love your new buddies! Have you hung your shingle yet? May I suggest, “Motor Mama’s Park ‘n’ Eat?” Do you wear your roller skates when delivering dinner?

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The Keen’s Walk and Swim Up Cafe. The best wildlife Cafe in town!!

  13. All the shots are lovely – that last is just stunning! Visiting my in-laws in Oregon…and they have quite their own wild kingdom here. Critters are fed daily – everything from hummingbirds and quail to rabbits and, yes, the occasional deer!

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