Friday’s Fences – Old Corolla Village

Although the wild horse tour we took earlier this week originated in Corolla, these pictures were taken when Motor Man and I were  there a couple of weeks ago.


It was just after sunrise, and I couldn’t resist that golden hour lighting.


The sunlight, the greenery and the pristine white homes caught my eye.


And it seemed like the perfect time and place to snap some photos for Friday’s Fences.

fridays fences

18 responses to “Friday’s Fences – Old Corolla Village

  1. You always have a great eye for the perfect picture!!

  2. such a pretty place!

  3. A perfect picture…’s got everything – the right lighting, the beautiful fence and trees/greenery and as if that wasn’t enough – a beautiful home…..I’d love to be on that porch enjoying the whole thing!


  4. I agree with Pam, can I set on that porch a spell?


  5. mollieandalfie

    Just beautiful xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Dianna that first picture is really really lovely when clicked to enlarge!

  7. It looks so peaceful with the golden light!

  8. You definitely were at the rightsp ot at the right time for this nice sight.

  9. Beautiful scenes and perfect for Friday’s Fences!

  10. I really like these … They have a very ‘cool’ feel; like a nice retreat on a hot summer day…
    The lighting and shadows are what count here !

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    On the first picture there’s a bench in the yard right by the house, I would love to be setting there. Beautiful fence post (little play on words) today Dianna. Have a good weekend and stay dry.

  12. You did find some lovely scenery.

  13. Beautiful sights!

  14. What a peaceful setting!I always look forward to your Friday Fences posts.

  15. That place is gorgeous and has a calming nostalgic charm about it. Great photos. 🙂

  16. Corolla is a charming town. You’ve captured its innocence.

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