These Barns: Colonial Parkway

Sunday, Motor Man and I took his Mom to lunch. For our weekly after-lunch ride, we went to Yorktown, then took the scenic Colonial Parkway to Jamestown.

Along the way, we spotted this pretty “complex”:

barns1 1-5-2014 2-21-44 AM

I was curious about the three crosses on the barn and, later, asked friends about it.  They seemed to recall that this farm may somehow be connected with a local church. Perhaps one of my local readers may have additional information?

barns and trees 1-5-2014 2-22-13 AM

I wish I could have gotten a better shot of the old barn in the background.

barns trees 1-5-2014 2-22-30 AM

Update: thanks to my friend (and faithful reader), Cindy, here’s a newspaper article  about this farm. Thanks, Cindy!

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10 responses to “These Barns: Colonial Parkway

  1. What a lovely property that is……hope you get more info on the crosses on the barn but I suspect a church association indeed.


  2. it is lovely…where is it? I’ve been along there frequently but it’s been a while and I don’t remember this…but what else is new!

  3. I don’t remember ever seeing this before, but it’s been awhile since I’ve been on the parkway ….

  4. Beautiful barn complex Dianna!

  5. Yes! That’s name (Gospel Spreading Church Farm in James City County off the Colonial Parkway) that I remember being associated with that complex. So picturesque isn’t it?

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a beautiful lay out, I love the crosses on the barn.

  7. That’s a marvelous farm. The red barns are nice but like you, I think the old barn would be fabulous to see.
    I’m glad you’re still posting about barns. They’re disappearing from the landscape at an alarming rate. I think they’re some of the most important connections with history and survival left.

  8. That article needs your photo Dianna! Cool first shot. I love a white fence and a red barn. Double the charm with the double silos.. 🙂 It’s GREEN up there in Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Interesting history.

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