Gypsy’s Journal – Page 1

Hello, it’s Gypsy, and this is the first edition of my journal. Last week, my Motor Mommy “teased” you with this photo:

gyps hangover 1-21-2014 11-36-40 AM

She promised that I would explain to you what Motor Man did after that photo was taken. But, before that, here’s another view:

gypsy hangover2 1-23-2014 7-16-52 PM

As you can see, I had a serious “hangover” issue.  Some of you guessed that Motor Man “dumped” me on the floor after these pictures were taken.

But, no. Motor Man came to my rescue!

hangover fix 1-23-2014 3-22-31 PM

Motor Mommy and I aren’t sure exactly what this is. It’s some gadget/gizmo from an engine. Motor Man used it to make a bracket and wrapped it in 200 mile-per-hour duct tape (it was sharp).

But that wasn’t enough, because then I was “hanging over” the other side….so he had to make a second bracket.

gypsys bed

That man really does love me, and you know what?

gyps and jr 1-21-2014 9-25-39 PM

The feeling is completely mutual.

(We had a significant snowfall last night. Pictures tomorrow!)

~These Days Of Mine~

17 responses to “Gypsy’s Journal – Page 1

  1. Motor Man’s chest looks like it’s the bed of choice!!! LOL! Much warmer than that fur-lined bed. They sure love each other!

  2. Welcome to blogville Gypsy! Your Motor Daddy is VERY clever to give you safety brackets on your bed…no more hangover!!! As for the snow – for a change YOU got more than WE did! Have a cozy day in the shop!

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. That is so sweet for Motor Man to care for his furry baby and cute that Motor Mamma documented it.

  4. Taking care of the critters… it doesn’t get more loving than that… xox

  5. Aw, Gypsy has a wonderful daddy in MM. How sweet and kind he must be.

  6. Aw Gypsy what a delightful girl you are. You sure picked a fine loving family to care for you. That Motor Man, he’s a peach isn’t he? I agree he truly loves you. I enjoyed your first blog. I look forward to many more.

    I look forward to seeing the snowfall photos. Snow is such a bittersweet event. Please be careful, keep warm and stay safe.

  7. So very sweet! Gypsy you have them all wrapped around your pretty little paw.. ♥ A most excellent post Gypsy!

  8. Oh Gypsy – how very lucky you are to have such caring loving pawrents!

  9. They are both adorable!

  10. Gypsy, yous has furry cute hangovers!

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    MM wants to make sure you have a good place to sleep, Gypsy. He did a good job don’t you think?

  12. Well Gypsy you’ve hit the “jackpot” when it comes to a loving home. So glad Motorman was handy in fixing your hangover problems!

  13. Sorry I missed page 1 yesterday! I couldn’t get to a computer ’cause of the snow…… I can see Motor Man was watchin’ out with the bracket! Great pics… Looking forward to page 2 … 😉

  14. Great blog writing runs in your family, Gypsy. Was that a requirement on your adoption paperwork? Love the “fix” for your bed. You are growing right into it.

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