Random Five Friday

Seriously. Where DOES the time go? How did it get to be Friday again so quickly? Oh well, if it’s Friday, it must be time for R5F:

1.) Earlier in the summer, I purchased a moonflower vine from our local florist. I planted it out in our yard by a little section of fence, with big plans for the vine to cover said fence. The deer were SO appreciative of the tasty greenery I planted just for them, they practically devoured it the first night. All that remained was a tiny twig, so I dug it up, re-planted it in a pot, found a small trellis, and placed it on our deck.  Safe from Bambi and family, it began to grow, and finally,we now have moonflowers.

moonflower 10-1-2014 5-36-33 PM

2.) Yesterday, my friend, Bev, and I had planned to go shelling around mid-morning. While I was putting the finishing touches on my blog post around 6:30, I heard rain on the roof. Uh-oh. But I remembered my Mom’s old saying: “Rain before 7, sun by 11”. Sure enough, by 7:30, the shower had passed, and the sun was shining, but you can still see rain on the deck in this picture.

deck 10-2-2014 7-26-02 AM

 3.) We had a great shelling trip; we found a few nice shells and some sea glass and coral. After the earlier shower, it turned out to be an excellent morning for beachcombing.

4.) Last week, Motor Man and I had dinner with three of my former classmates.  I’ve been back in touch with Shirley and Donna (standing behind the two of us) for a few years now. But Rita, far left, moved out of the area when we were in elementary school. She and I hadn’t seen each other in (gasp) 50 years! Wait, that has to be a typo….

5 of us19-26-2014 7-41-032 9-26-2014 7-41-31 PM

5.) And because it seems that we MUST have a kitty photo on R5F, here’s Braveheart, a BIG kitty Motor Man and I met earlier this week.  He’s the greeter at a machine shop where we’d gone to pick up a part. If you don’t pay attention to Braveheart, he reaches out his paw to let you know he doesn’t like to be neglected. He’s a gentle soul, though, and, thankfully, doesn’t scratch.

braveheart 9-29-2014 9-40-49 AM

Happy weekend! I’m off to start collecting randoms for next Friday: it will be here before we know it…

~These Days Of Mine~

16 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. What a fun post — love your Mom’s saying about the rain shower – and boy you have a green thumb! The photo with your classmates is a treasure (you all look beautiful by the way) and Braveheart … stole mine 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  2. awww…another shop pet. I was in a tool shop yesterday with Rick because he needs a new nail gun. Not interested in tools I loved meeting their shop pet a Shih Tzu named Bella. I bet Braveheart is a guy, a sweet, charming little guy. Glad you saved your moonflower plant. And, along with sea glass you found coral, too?

  3. Is it unusual to find coral in rivers? I’m glad you and Bev could go beachcombing. Braveheart looks like a gentle kitty even with those claws extended! Love the moonflower!

  4. I like your mother’s saying about the rain and that photo looking out from your deck is just lovely.

  5. Aw, Braveheart is so cute! Our cousin is orange, too! ❤ Bo and Kobi

  6. Another fun random five! Glad you rescued the moonflower from the deer smorgasbord. All of a sudden, they’ve found our blueberry bushes even though the blueberries are done and they’re stripping off the leaves. Just when did we invite them in for a blueberry breakfast?? That Braveheart sounds like a sweetie!

  7. Your Random 5 represent a full week. Looks like you found room for friends, fun, and fellowship. GREAT!

  8. Another fine Friday collection! I like moonflowers, and this one looks happy!
    It’s always cool to see a cat flexing their paw- like Braveheart here !

  9. I think shop kitties are special. There are two shop kitties at a seed store in Springfield, MO that we are always happy to see. I think they are good for business. I’d be looking forward to seeing handsome Braveheart! Beautiful view from the deck and the moonflower is very pretty too! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Your moonflower vine just needed to get away from deer, Braveheart is very pretty!

  11. Moonflowers , seaglass, and good friends. What a wonderful week you had.

  12. What a great week!

  13. Gorgeous moonflower – good thing you relocated it and gave it a second chance – it’s repaying you!


  14. You’re not kidding about Friday being here before we know it! How nice you were able to get together with classmates. That’s a lot of catching up to do. You didn’t scoop up Braveheart and bring him home? Lovely morning shot.

  15. What a lovely view you had from your deck after the early morning rain.
    Love the kitty. Our “Harley” reaches out and touches you too. Sometimes it hurts. Pretty flower and I’m glad you saved it from the deer munchies.

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