She’s On FB!

Saturday, Motor Man and I took a day trip to the Outer Banks. Along the way, we stopped (as we usually do) to give Aggie, the horse, some treats.

Aggie’s place was decorated for Christmas!

 db and aggie 12-27-2014 10-41-09 AM

I gave her some apple slices, and Motor Man and I headed to the beach, where we saw a few wild horses….(blog post coming soon).

And, coming home that afternoon, we once again stopped to see Aggie and share the remaining apple with her.

db laughing at aggie1 12-27-2014 3-21-26 PM 12-27-2014 3-21-26 PM

Patience is obviously not Aggie’s strongpoint.  She made me laugh when she nuzzled my arm, letting me know I wasn’t getting the apple slices out of the bag quickly enough.

It’s always a little sad to leave Aggie…

db taking pic of aggie 12-27-2014 3-24-58 PM

Bye, girl! See you next time! Happy New Year!

bye 12-27-2014 3-25-29 PM

*By the way, I had been posting pictures of Aggie for quite some time on an Outer Banks Vintage Scrapbook Facebook page. When I posted one from our stop on Saturday, someone commented that Aggie should have her own Facebook page.  And, by the next morning, she did! If you’d like to be an Aggie fan, click here to like her page:

And if you happen to be passing by, she loves apples.

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “She’s On FB!

  1. I have been following your posts about Aggie on FB. I am going to visit her page today.. NOW and give it a “Like”. Speaking of horses, your calendar that you were sweet to send me is on the Four Season’s porch and on my blog post. Nice to have the horses of Corolla on our porch.. 🙂 That second picture of you and Aggie cracks me up.. it is cute!

  2. Aw….thanks for “sharing” your calendar with your readers…. I’ll be heading over to “your place”! Happy New Year, Pix – thanks for your sweet comments!

  3. Oh what fun that she has her own FB page……and fans already thanks to your posts about her!


  4. I love this about you and Motor Man. Not only do you make human friends along your path, but you make them of four legged creatures as well. Bravo! Happy New Year Dianna. I hope it is fabulous!

  5. So glad Aggie has her own FB page. I know all her fans will be visiting it!

  6. I definitely need to go like her page. She is beautiful. Thank you for sharing her with us today!

  7. What fun! Aggie’s a lucky horse.

  8. What a beautiful girl! Thanks for sharing!

  9. What fun! I’ll bet she recognizes your vehicle as you go to and from the OBX and is standing and waiting for you (& your treats).

  10. Aggie’s a star thanks to you! I loved the photo of Aggie nudging you to be quicker with the apples. So cute!

  11. Yep- the ‘nudge’ pic is the best one here, I think !
    I wonder how many horses have their own FB page?

  12. I love your Aggie posts and this is no exception. A nasty flu bug hit home over the last several days so I need a good grin as Bill and I recuperate.

  13. Love these! I guess she knows you well enough to tell you “hurry up!”

  14. Awesome! Aggie deserves her own FB page. She’s a sweet gal. I think it’s a beautiful thing you do when you visit and give special treats and attention. 🙂

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