House For Sale: Sunsets Included

One evening last week, on our way home from dinner, we noticed that the setting sun was a “red rubber ball” (Marshall’s words.)

We knew that there would be a photo op just a few miles outside of town, so we headed in that direction.

jordan house1 2-27-2015 5-44-16 PM

I’ve shared photos of this old home, known as The Charles Driver Jordan House, before.   It’s been years since anyone has lived here, and the property is now for sale.

jordan at sunset 2-27-2015 5-44-49 PM

We keep hoping someone will come along with the funds and desire to restore it before it’s either demolished or simply falls down.

jordan house sunset3 2-27-2015 5-47-07 PM

 Just imagine the sunset views they’d have.

sunset 2-27-2015 5-48-09 PM

~These Days Of Mine~

23 responses to “House For Sale: Sunsets Included

  1. That’s a huge property. I can see it beautifully restored and refurbished. The sunset is just the icing on the cake. What a gorgeous view.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Such a beautiful and grand old house; all it needs is a family to love it. Imagine the views indeed! MJ

  3. Ite a shame so many of the beautiful old houses have fallen completely down. I’m thankful those who have saved and renovated some of them.

  4. I bet that place was gorgeous in its’ heyday……..lovely sunset for sure.


  5. Sweet story. So sad to see a beautiful home sit unloved.

  6. It could really be a beautiful home again – wish someone wanted, and could afford, the project. Perfect setting for the “red rubber ball”!

  7. These are beautiful, Dianna. Hum…the house looks like a great project for you and Motor Man. 🙂

  8. Lovely. Always sad to see these old houses. I always want somebody to save them.

  9. I saw this come through on my Facebook feed yesterday, Dianna, as I follow “Abandoned in Virginia” too. And thought this was one of your best photos yet!

  10. Gorgeous! My husband and I would live in that house! Except for the snow.

  11. really neat! great job!

  12. Another one of your photos that would make a wonderful painting!

  13. It’s always so sad to see these grand old homes fall to ruin. Here’s hoping someone will take this one over and restore it to its former glory. Lovely post Dianna.

  14. Another stately old place out in a field by itself…
    but imagine the tales it could tell !
    & I knew the pics you took as we left would be impressive… it’s great how the sun is wrapped in the clouds … very wintry …

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Your lovely pictures, Dianna, would make for a amazing R/E ad for selling the property.

  16. That is another noteworthy photo!!! Fabulishious!

  17. These pictures need a ‘love’ button instead of just a ‘like’. Great job!

  18. We have some old farmhouses in our area that are sitting vacant like this one. They seem so forlorn and sad and it would be wonderful to see them restored but it would take quite a bit of funding to do so. I do remember seeing you post a photo of this place before. I’d love to see what it’s like inside…it would be so glorious restored to finery I bet.

  19. Oh, and I forgot to mention that sunset!!

  20. What a cool house (and pictures)!! I wish we could afford a vacation house … 😉

  21. What an awesome looking house. I do hope someone buys and restores it rather then tearing it down.

  22. The sunsets would sell me on it. 🙂

  23. Ah, just beautiful!❤️❤️❤️

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