Sun-Puddle Sundae

Sunday afternoon, we came home to find Sundae basking in a sun puddle on the dining room floor. (Sundae: what in the world are you doing down here on the floor, Motor Mommy?!)

sundae sunpuddle last 3-23-2015 2-42-52 PM

“Sun puddle” is a term I first read in the blogosphere. I wish I knew who coined the phrase. (More pictures, really?)

sundae sunpuddle1 3-23-2015 2-42-20 PM

It just perfectly describes the scene when a kitty is enjoying the warmth of the sun shining through a window. (Are we done, yet?  You’re interrupting my basking.)

sundae sunpuddle right 3-23-2015 2-42-41 PM

I don’t think Sundae gives much thought to what it’s called. (Purrlease don’t share these pictures if this angle makes me look fat.)

sundae sunpuddle last 3-23-2015 2-42-52 PM

She’s just too busy enjoying it… least when I’m not annoying her with the camera.

~These Days Of Mine~

17 responses to “Sun-Puddle Sundae

  1. Pretty pictures of a pretty girl! That middle shot… her face is, “so over you talking pictures Motor Mommy” .. cracks me up. Another term I have read on the kitten cam site that works for this series… a Sundae loaf. Refers to her position. A loaf of kitty… I love that when they use it in chat on the kitten cam. Good Morning!

  2. Oh, what our fur-babies have to put up with. But you sure didn’t irritate her enough for her to give up tihe sun puddle!

  3. “Sun puddle” – what a great phrase!

  4. Sun Puddles – I don’t think you have to be Sundae to enjoy them! My favorite place on a cool day with a cup of coffee and a good book.

  5. I think the sunshine is making her sleepy. 🙂

  6. I guess pet bloggers have heard that term forever – I read it a dozen times a day on the blogs we visit…..dogs AND cats (and other critters too!) love a nice sun puddle. Great photos!


  7. Beautiful pictures! She’s so pretty! ELlie

  8. I tried to post a picture of Hattie but it wouldn’t let me. It’s what she has to resort to when there are no sun puddles! Find a heat vent and do what a cat has to do to reach it!

  9. That’s a good way to warm up the ol’ ears – they’re glowing !

  10. After weeks of bad weather, finally we humans are enjoying sun puddles in SE TX. We start out our day in long sleeves and change into a T-shirt about now in the afternoon.

  11. Sundae! Yous looks fabulishiously Splendoriferous! And Sun puddles always makes us cats looks slim! Just likes humans and the perfect little balck dress!
    And Mommy says her grannie uses to call them sun puddles

  12. We need to get a camera for Sundae to wear so we can see Motor Mommy down there taking pictures. 😉

  13. Sundae is so pretty! I want a cat so bad but the hubs is allergic and refuses to get on meds… ugh, really!! One day I will have a cat, one way or another, lol 🙂

  14. I love that term! Also very impressed that Sundae sits for her photos – she looks so regal.

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