Misty Morning Fog

Saturday morning was a beautiful, foggy autumn morning. Motor Man and I were up early, so we drove all around our little part of the country. Believe it or not, I took a few pictures.

This was taken just before sunrise from the bridge in the nearby little waterfront village of Rescue.

fog at rescue bridge 10-25-2013 7-19-32 PM

Once we crossed the bridge, Motor Man turned around, so I could get pictures from the other side.

sunrise from the bridge 10-25-2013 7-21-40 PM

I can usually count on the scene from this little bridge, which crosses Jones Creek, to be picturesque.

workboats1 10-25-2013 7-23-10 PM

Leaving Rescue, heading home, we pass through Battery Park, another tiny waterfront village.  This buoy marker, just off shore, is in the Pagan River.

buoy marker 10-25-2013 7-27-04 PM

And, as is usually the case, the best view of all is the one from home.

foggy marina 10-25-2013 7-34-00 PM

~The End.~


27 responses to “Misty Morning Fog

  1. “There’s no place like home!”

    beautiful pictures, Dianna. MJ

  2. Nice reflections in the first and last photo.

  3. Oh how beautiful a foggy morning can be and you captured it well!

  4. These photos are like drifting in and out of a dream. Lovely!

  5. Usually your best pictures are from home!

  6. Your click of buoy marker 14 on the Pagan River with the bird upper right over the trees is begging for a gallery wrapped canvas. And then it wants to hang at my house.. 😀

  7. Misty morning stillness …. very nice … I was on the way to get breakfast that morning, and honestly thought something was on fire further down the road – then I realized it was the mist 😉

  8. Lovely misty fog photos. I made an early morning trip to the grocery store today and it was very foggy. As I turned into the shopping plaza and drove through the parking lot, I couldn’t even see the huge store in the fog. But it certainly would not have made a pretty photo like you captured here!

  9. So, so beautiful! I’ve been wanting to get up early and visit “my” pond…now I’m motivated. The colors are breathtaking!

  10. “Believe it or not, I took a few pictures.” I’d have been very disappointed if you hadn’t. These are just lovely. The foggy mist creates an aura of something special.

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    So glad you and Motor Man rose early Saturday, beautiful pictures. There is something about fog and water, it makes it so peaceful.

  12. The scenery all looks so serene…like there was perfect stillness / silence when you made these. Beautiful! ~ Sheila

  13. I adore fog. Your pictures have so much atmosphere. I can feel a story taking shape just by your framing. Excellent.

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