Random Five Friday

Joining Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random Five Friday.

1.) My friend, Bev, and I were just saying yesterday how ready we are for summer. We’ve had a few days of raw temps and below zero wind chills, so now, it’s time for summer…right?

jrdbbest 7-16-2013 9-59-33 AM

2.) One morning, earlier this week, I glanced out our kitchen window and saw one of the eagles perched in our sycamore tree. The best picture I could get was through a window. Eagles are so skittish!

eagle 1-3-2014 10-49-19 PM

3.) Gypsy’s “picture of the week”. Motor Man took this with his cell phone. Yes, she’s completely in charge of the office and all who enter.


4.) Yesterday morning’s sunrise briefly colored our world in orange and gold and pink.

sunrise2 1-8-2014 7-17-38 PM

5.) I sure am missing these two. Β Just two more reasons I’m ready for summer.

bride groom sunset 9-2-2013 7-12-22 PM

And I just bet many of you are dreamin’ of summertime too.

~These Days Of Mine~

45 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Love that first picture especially; what a cute couple you are πŸ˜‰ MJ

  2. I love that snowy picture! I have come to terms with winter and so I don’t hate it now. I loved to play in winter snow when I was a girl and then I grew up and hated it. But now, winter and I have made up and I don’t mind it so much…i just wish it didn’t have to be so darn cold

  3. Ahhhh yes…..missing summer like crazy……Gypsy is certainly a doll baby and has her Daddy wrapped around her paw that’s for sure. Today at least it’s above 30 – that’s almost summer….right???? πŸ˜‰


  4. I am with you: bring on summer! So tired of this freezing weather..and I would love to see some sunshine!

  5. I am not ready for summer but I am happy to be above freezing.. πŸ˜€
    Gypsy is maybe going to be a big girl, those are some big paws! I don’t know who’s knee she has a hold of but I don’t think she wants to let go!
    CH told me yesterday he saw the note on the front door for a package and he thought it was his vitamins.. Oy! Our post office is only open till 11am, yes we live in the sticks, so I missed yesterday but I am going to get there today if they don’t re-deliver this morning.. πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Pix, Gypsy’s sitting on a friend’s lap. She just “hangs around” all the time!
      Glad you got your package, and I so enjoyed our chat this morning!

      • I enjoyed it too! There is something very special about hearing someone’s voice. It makes the connection and friendship so much more. We so love the print. I am going to take it to the Family Christmas.. : ) Thank you Dianna. It was such a perfectly timed gift!

  6. Oh my gosh, Gypsy is growing up! So big and so happy. Loved the great photo of you and MM. OK, call me weird, but I actually like the snow and cold, wintry weather (although I wasn’t fond of the deep freeze temps we had earlier this week).

  7. Noooo! I want snow!

  8. Well, I’m not a fan of cold weather since it doesn’t take much for me to be COLD, but as long as it’s so miserably cold, why can’t we at least have a beautiful snow fall to admire!!?
    But I’d much rather have beautiful summer flowers to look at.
    Is it summer yet??

  9. Great photos as always Dianna – and I love the one of you two. The green grass and happy swans and thoughts of flowers make for pleasant visions of things to come.

  10. I think everyone is ready for summer! Lovely shots and Gypsy is quite a beauty. Happy Friday!

  11. beautiful images today, any sunrise, subtle and short is still a beauty!! i have a lake near my home, 2 swans visit every winter, i never see them during the spring or summer!!

    • Isn’t that odd about the swans? Although Bride & Groom swans have been here during the winter, they seem to prefer visiting in warmer weather. I sure wish they could tell me where they travel!

  12. It’s only January and it does seem like it has been a long winter already. I will join you on the push for spring!

    Beautiful sunrise picture.

  13. My favorite is the pic of you and Motor Man – thankful to count you both as friends. I would like one snow, then spring!

  14. I’m loving a bit of warmer weather here in Kitty Hawk. Going for a long awaited walk on the beach! I’ll take a picture for you! Enjoy your Friday!

  15. gypsy made me smile. πŸ™‚

  16. Yep- nothing like the raw temps to make you ready for a warm-up! Looks like Gypsy’s got things under control up there .. πŸ™‚ & it looks like you’re building a decent eagle pic collection !

  17. Well we haven’t really had a bad winter here so I’m just taking the seasons as they come.
    Oh wow an Eagle photo (even through a window) is awesome!
    Gypsy looks pretty content there on your lap.

    • We really haven’t had a bad winter either, but I do love my flip-flops! (Gypsy was on a friend’s lap, but she’s definitely a lap kitty!) Thanks for visiting!

  18. What a cute couple! Lovely photo!
    Wow…..I’ve never gotten an Eagle shot……so, good for you!
    Happy New Year!
    diane @ aug’s blog

  19. Gypsy is a pretty cat and it is a pretty name…I wish an eagle would perch somewhere here where I could see it from my window! An eagle a day keeps the blues away.

  20. What fun and hopeful randoms Dianna! Thanks so much for brightening this gray day. xo

  21. Agree completely, missing warmth and sun and grass.

  22. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What great randoms. I am Sooooooooooooo ready for warmer weather!

  23. Yes! After this week’s ice storm, I’m ready for some sunshine! Then I suppose I’ll complain πŸ˜‰ Gypsy is a beautiful color!

  24. The eagle is beautiful. I also recently saw an eagle out my window. I’d never seen an eagle until a few months ago. It’s wonderful that they seem to be coming back.

  25. Oh, I love me some bald eagles!! I happened to glance out the kitchen window on Christmas Day while I was fixing the big turkey dinner and saw one flying overhead. That sighting made me start smiling, instead of stressing! πŸ™‚

    Sweet photos and randoms! Have a nice weekend.

  26. That is a great photo of you and Motor Man. You two are so photogenic. Gypsy is growing up in a hurry, isn’t she? Lovely sunrise. Thanks for getting up early and sharing it with those of us who wouldn’t see one, otherwise. How cool to have eagles visiting regularly. I miss the swans, too.

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