Winter Guests

Motor Man and I returned home a couple of days ago to find a few guests in our yard.

deer and marina 1-19-2014 5-17-50 AM

So beautiful. I know hunting is “necessary”; it just isn’t something I could ever do.

deer  1-19-2014 5-18-35 AM

This is “Mama Deer”. She’s been a regular visitor for several years, and we’ve seen her with little ones at least twice. She has a lame leg, and it hurts me to watch her walk.

mama deer 1-19-2014 5-21-25 AM

Here, deer, have a little something to drink.

deer and birdbath 1-19-2014 5-22-12 AM

No need to look over your shoulder: you’re safe in our yard.

deer birdbath2 1-19-2014 5-22-19 AM

We’re expecting 2-4 inches of snow in our area later today, with night-time temps dropping into the teens in the next couple of days. I’m sure our guests will be bedding down in the marsh to weather out the storm.

~These Days Of Mine~

17 responses to “Winter Guests

  1. I love seeing the deer through our yard – even when they munch their way through my azaleas and everything else in sight! They’re just beautiful creatures and hunting them – well – I just can’t imagine it….ever.

    Stay warm!

  2. I agree that they’re beautiful, except when they have dinner in my vegetable garden, have dessert on my blueberry bushes, and garnish with my pansies, which they decide they don’t like after they pull them up:> I still look for them when I come home at dusk and smile when I see them.

  3. What a treat…I think the woods behind us isn’t home to deer but I’m sure there’s other small wildlife.

  4. How in the world do they stay warm outside? Huddled together perhaps?

  5. They are beautiful and it’s so interesting to watch them

  6. We have quite a few deer but our deer have different coloring. Your deer have quite a bit of black on them, they are very pretty. Must google, I would think we probably have the same deer.. 🙂 Hunting season was over around December here and we were happy because we are skeered to go outside for fear of someone shooting us. Seriously. We don’t allow people to hunt on The Tiny Ten, too tiny anyway but we have had to ask people with four wheelers to leave. The people around us with acreage do. Love the one taking a drink out of your bird bath.

  7. Beautiful photos of your winter guests, and I so agree Dianna! I could never hunt the beautiful creatures. In fact, there is hunting allowed in our area but we have our property posted against it.

  8. they’re so beautiful. 🙂

  9. Deer is beautiful, but they sure can be destructive! Purrsonally, me loves to watch them as they march past our house in the middle of the night, but it sure gets the hairy slobbery sisters riled!

  10. I’ve never been one for hunting…
    A great series of photos here! – They’re definitely safe in your yard, and I’m sure they’ll stay warm over the next couple…

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    They are such beautiful animals. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe in the snow.

  12. She’s pretty, I don’t recall seeing deer with the dark color–maybe it’s a winter coat? I like the sunset reflection on the water behind them in the first one.

  13. Great pictures! It seems that the deer in our area change colors with the seasons; they blend in with their surroundings better. We don’t have as many in the yard as we did before the “dumped” dogs made this their home.

  14. Oh I love deer. They seem like such graceful and gentle animals. You are lucky to have these come right into your yard.

  15. I love your winter visitors. They know where love and safety and a quick snack can be found. Thank you for sharing these magnificent creatures with us. 🙂

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