Frozen In Time

Motor Man and I began taking his mother to lunch on Sundays after his father passed away in September. Usually, we take her out for a ride afterward and call it our Sunday adventure.

Yesterday, we rode to Mathews County, Virginia. It’s about 60 miles northeast of us and is located on the Chesapeake Bay.

Nearby is the New Point Comfort Lighthouse, built in 1805. It’s the third oldest of the Chesapeake Bay lighthouses still standing.

npc lighthouse 1-26-2014 3-08-45 PM

These next pictures were taken from the New Point Comfort Reserve. In the distance is the Chesapeake Bay, and Mobjack Bay is to the far right.

new point comfort reserve 1-26-2014 3-17-08 PM

Although the temperatures were in the 40’s for the first time in several days, there was still a nip in the air, but the scenery was well worth braving the cold.

npc with walkway 1-26-2014 3-15-34 PM

Motor Man and his Mom waited in the truck while my camera and I ventured out to the end of this walkway.

npc reserve walkway 1-26-2014 3-17-47 PM

Mathews County is very rural, and the town of Mathews is your typical small town.

When Motor Man was a teenager, his Mom was a realtor and owned her own real estate business. She sold a few pieces of property in Mathews. Motor Man’s parents had considered purchasing one house in particular, and relocating to the area (at the time, they were living in Newport News).

still 15 1-26-2014 3-11-24 PM

Yesterday, Motor Man told his mom that it’s a good thing they didn’t buy that house back then. The area has changed so little, that, if they had, he would probably still be fourteen.

~These Days Of Mine~

20 responses to “Frozen In Time

  1. Beautiful scenery……looks quite cold and maybe a bit “lonely”…….the sky and clouds were cooperating nicely for your camera yesterday!


  2. A different Sunday adventure this week! JR has his own way of looking at things….Love it!

  3. I’ll bet she loves and looks forward to those Sunday outings 🙂 Thanks for the tour .. and MM’s commentary! MJ

  4. Such beautiful different clouds in the same sky. The house and area may not change, but the clouds certainly do and quickly.

  5. Beautiful beautiful sky and clouds! I like the idea of a Sunday drive.. 🙂

  6. It is so awesome you take her on an adventure each Sunday…I’m sure she looks forward to it every week! Tell MM, I know EXACTLY what he means.

  7. You are creating special memories – wonderful! And I love Motor Man’s ‘frozen in time’ observation.

  8. Gorgeous shots! I’m a total sucker for an old light house! I keep promising myself that I want to get to a beach when there’s snow on the sand – I’ve never seen that! And I like Motor Man’s one liner…my dad has a sense of humor like that!

  9. laughing at motor man! too funny! beautiful area – and even more so because you take your mil out each sunday. 🙂

  10. Beautiful part of the world. We used to camp at New Point Campground when my boss owned it. Some day you should visit Gwynn’s Island.

  11. Amazing how freezing cold such beauty is. It looks a great day for a drive even though it was so wintery.
    lol I physically laughed-out-loud when I read what MM said. Perfect! lol

  12. I love Motor Man’s humor 🙂 very pretty photos as always ❤

  13. Classic Motor Man humor- I believe I’ve heard something similar before ! Great cloud pics- especially with the walkway….

  14. I see MM has a great sense of humor! Your outing was beautiful. I love, love, love the photo of the walkway.

  15. Looks like a beautiful area. It might not be bad being 14 forever there.

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a wonderful treat for Mrs. Keen and you all on Sundays! I love MM humor too. What a lovely area shown by your shots.

  17. Nice photographs. I like the snow. It can leaves many wonderful patterns and textures behind.

  18. Great shots. How wonderful and just sweet those Sunday drives must be to her! Just a heartwarming post. Love it.

  19. LOL Still be 14–I love Motor Man’s sense of humor. You got some great shots. Sometimes coming home from Fredericksburg, I take Rt. 3 down the Northern Neck and drive through Mathews. It’s nice to get away from the city.

  20. I know Motorman’s Mom must be delighted to go on those Sunday outings. I love the scenery this time and the old house and Motorman’s funny idea about remaining 14 if his parents had bought it. Great post as always Dianna! 🙂

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