While We Wait….

Well, winter storm #2 is scheduled to hit us later today.   The weather folks are guessing predicting 2-5 inches for our immediate area. Or 7-10 inches, depending on which tv station you watch.

I can’t help but think that, if my mother were here, she’d have a pretty good idea of what to expect. She’d either say that she wasn’t “studyin’ {worrying} about that storm”, meaning that the storm won’t amount to anything. Or she’d say: “Papa used to say when you see {insert reference to some sign in nature}, we were going to have a heavy snow”, meaning we’d better batten down the hatches.

Yesterday, our high temp was 63. Around sunset, I happened to glance out the window, and immediately ran to get the camera out of my car.

As soon as I stepped out of the door, I took this first picture. I was afraid the sun would slip below those dark clouds, and I’d lose that gorgeous golden light on the marsh.

marina1a 1-27-2014 4-54-23 PM 1-27-2014 4-54-23 PM

 I’ve taken dozens, maybe hundreds, of photos of the marina in all sorts of weather (and shared many of them with you), but I’ve never seen the colors as vivid as they were yesterday afternoon.

marina 1-27-2014 4-55-10 PM

And the entire time I was taking pictures, these friends were waiting impatiently for corn. (I fed them an extra amount to fortify them for the storm.)

duckies 1-27-2014 4-55-33 PM

The light was changing quickly; the dark blues were becoming more aqua.

snow clouds2 1-27-2014 4-55-26 PM

Quite a change in our weather today. This morning, it’s 26.

And now, we watch and wait…

~These Days Of Mine~

21 responses to “While We Wait….

  1. I love that golden marsh! Beautiful photos…..for a change you’re going to be getting more snow than WE are today……of course there’s always hope the weather people are wrong (again) !!


  2. WOW!! God paints the most beautiful pictures and gifted you to catch them to share with the rest of us. An early dismissal for us today in anticipation:>

  3. hilaryfeelingbeachie

    Beautiful pictures! Stay warm….

    Your mom sounds like she was a wonderful and wise woman~

  4. Such beautiful captures, the sky, the marina and your ducks. Sometimes we get to experience that when “I’ve never seen the colors as vivid as they were yesterday afternoon.” It’s a very special experience and you know it when you see it.
    School closures again in our area today with temps in the 20’s.

  5. You captured the ‘golden light’ in three different pictures. Anyone would be lucky to have just one! I see more moochers are there for their handout! LOL!

  6. The colors- wow! And I loved reading about your Momma’s sayings 🙂

    It’s 0F here (-12C) or as my brother would say, “a bit fresh.”

    I’ve seen more Sun Dogs lately than I’ve seen since living in MI !!

  7. Love this Dianna! What a contrast with yesterday’s weather and what’s predicted there today. Wish we were getting it. You just brought back some great memories for me too:) I remember my parents saying the same phrase “not studyin”. Don’t think I’ve heard it since. Enjoy the snow!

  8. My first official day reading your blog! I love it – especially the photos. You captured the light perfectly on the marsh – great timing! Thanks for sharing!

  9. What lovely landscapes you got to capture while you wait. Calm before the storm, maybe? Anyway, whatever comes your way, may you stay warm and safe.

  10. Golden! Very pretty Dianna. We haven’t hardly even had snow and I am tired of snow. I KNOW I am tired of COLD!

  11. I feel for you all. We’re in a holding pattern too. Apparently no precipitation is in the forecast, yet my husband called me from work and said it’s snowing big huge flakes and then the snow started here, It’s starting to stick and looks like it’s set in for awhile..
    I must say that you’ve outdone yourself on capturing some lovely vivid photos. The colors are awesome. A couple of them are quite surreal.
    Great eye,there, you are a natural talented photographer.

  12. You did it! You got magnificent pics of the golden light. Just beautiful.

  13. My favorite colors, also seen in the fall when the sun shines on the golden marsh grass and the river is that deep blue. Beautiful. I fed half a loaf of bread to the swans yesterday! I think they were out begging because they know “honker down” weather is coming!

  14. Looks like a summer day on the water! Hard to believe snow is in the forecast! Stay warm! ~ Sheila

  15. Glorious Shots!!!

  16. Those boats are glowing… and the deep blue of the sky and water is there to back it… and the marsh grass is a foundation for all. Awesome display of color and composition 😉
    Glad to hear the “pets” had some extra provisions for the storm !

  17. LOVED that light! beautiful!

  18. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love blue and your pictures captured the color beautifully. Stay warm and safe in this weather.

  19. Glorious photos. Stay warm and out of this weather coming.

  20. Those are great captures–wonderful color and contrast. Your friends think it’s just ducky of you to think of them and offer up some extra nourishment. The bunny was flying around the yard tonight, I suppose doing the bunny version of snow angels.

  21. Your mother talked just like my grandmother. . . I think that my grandmother might have said that she wasn’t “studyin” about something when she wasn’t going to worry about it. Until I read this post, I’d totally forgotten about it.

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