Random Five Friday

Another week, another Friday, another Random Five Friday. Here’s what’s happening in my world this week.

1.) We had a winter storm Tuesday afternoon/evening, resulting in an inch or two of snow. Motor Man and I took a little drive Wednesday morning to check out our local scenery. This is Jericho Road, one of the little streets in our town.

jericho rd 1-21-2014 10-00-30 PM

2.) It’s been a busy week of lunches with former classmates and co-workers. That’s probably the best thing about being (semi) retired; having the freedom to get together with friends.

3.) Last night we celebrated the birthday of one of Motor Man’s sisters. Her two granddaughters were there. This is Lily, who really wasn’t posing in this picture. Precious.

lily2 1-23-2014 4-43-17 AM

And this is Lily with big sister, Livy. Can you tell we had spaghetti for dinner?

lily and livy 1-23-2014 5-37-33 AM

4.) In kitty news, next week,  Gypsy will begin writing an occasional post here, titled “Gypsy’s Journal”. Perhaps she’ll explain what Motor Man did not long after this photo of her “hangover” was taken.

gyps hangover 1-21-2014 11-36-40 AM

And Sundae will have some big news next week, too.

5. Motor Man and I are planning a little get-away for one weekend next month. Anyone care to guess what type of trip we’re hoping to take….? Hint: it’s the same type trip we were on when the photo on my sidebar was taken.

What randomness would you care to share this Friday?

~These Days Of Mine~

26 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Those girls love having dinner with the family! They are never that well behaved for us! Lol

  2. Cute photo of sweet spaghetti faces! Nice to hear Gypsy will get “equal time” on the blog – no doubt she has plenty to talk about since she’s at the shop keeping an eye on Motor Man all day long! So you and MM are taking a trip next month? Hmm…..that hint didn’t help – we need a better clue!


  3. Oh I do hope your trip is to somewhere warm I crave warm:)
    Lilly and Livy are so beautiful and spaghetti always looks good in pics. B

  4. Such cute spaghetti faces! 🙂

  5. Well, I know it’s NOT going to be a warm get-away. Whenever you plan a get-away this time of year….you’re going on a sleigh ride. But it’s a toss-up where it will be…PA or New England!!

  6. What a fun filled Friday Five.
    Great snow photo.
    Those little girls are adorable.
    I can hardly believe what a big girl Gypsy is now. They do grow up fast. Her hangover is a doozy. Let me guess if MM made her a wider perch.
    I’m looking forward to Gypsy’s Journal and Sundae’s big news.
    I hope you and MM have a wonderful get-away with good weather and lots of smiles.

  7. Gypsy has moved to her big girl bed! There does seem to be a bit of spillage there. I am thinking your trip involves horses.. 🙂 Spaghetti sounds delicious even this early in the morning!

  8. Time for a train trip!

  9. Visiting on R5F. You have some great grandkid pics. I think they both had spaghetti for dinner. I also think Motor Man pulled the cat bed off the shelf, with the cat still in it! Just sayin…

  10. two adorable little girls. kitties have their own stories to tell and enjoy posting! stay warm, enjoy your lunches with friends and your short get-a-way with your Motor Man.

  11. Cute girls… did kitty fall down go boom after that photo?

  12. spaghetti faces are best!! i just love a good road trip, the hubs and i are in need of one!!

  13. I’ve a feeling the ‘get away’ involves horses and snow…….What cute, precious little faces.

  14. Those little girls are all adorable — the people and the furry kind 🙂 Happy Friday!

  15. Hehe love the spaghetti faces and I hope gypsy didn’t fall! Have a great weekend! =^.^=

  16. spaghetti lips are too cute. 🙂

  17. I enjoyed your fun five facts for your Random Five Friday. I can’t seem to get motivated to even write any posts this week — maybe my brain is frozen! 😉

  18. Well, since I know the trip destination, I won’t give anything away here.. but I see some good guesses in the comments…..
    Nice spaghetti-faces, and nice gyp-hangover 😉
    And I’m waiting for some warmer temps, too – I’ll take 40’s at this point!

  19. Those girls are adorable…love the road shot, too.

  20. You are as good at taking pics of grandkids as you are with kitties! Can’t wait to see what you come up with on your outing with Motorman and I’m sooo looking forward to Gypsy’s reports.

  21. Kids and spaghetti! Theys looks WAY cleaner than our grand kiittens! And Sundae, though Sammy is a wonderful Man Cat, mes loves yous just as much, after all, grrl furrends is way more impawtant!

  22. Definitely spaghetti faces.

  23. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I have a good feeling those sweet little spaghetti faces would be cute anywhere. Jericho Road looks beautiful but very icy. Looking forward to hearing from Sundae and Gypsy. Where ever you and MM are going enjoy and be safe. I am guessing something with trains.

  24. I’m thinking train trip, since that doesn’t look like the Friesian photos. 😉 Have fun! Pretty girls. Gypsy is trying to fill up that new bed, isn’t she?

  25. We are expecting snow tonight! Love those spaghetti faces 🙂 Have fun on your getaway!

  26. Love the photo of the sun on the snowy road! The most beautiful winter days are the sunny days after a snow storm!
    Cute little ones! ~ Sheila

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