And The Answer Is….

Yesterday, I left you with a cliffhanger: did we see any horses during our weekend trip to the Outer Banks?

Why, yes, as a matter of fact, we saw a total of 39 horses.  The first one was standing in front of the restored Coast Guard Station. This picture was taken from the beach.

horse at coast guard stn 6-21-2014 8-25-49 AM

Traveling around to the back of the property, we saw this family.

horses at coast guard station 6-21-2014 8-27-42 AM

Just look at this little one. (I’ve sent a message to Corolla Wild Horse Fund, asking its name, but as of yet, haven’t gotten a response. When I do, I’ll share.)

baby 6-21-2014 8-26-14 AM

Then, this one, who brought to mind the book Black Beauty.

bb 6-21-2014 8-29-05 AM

And, finally, what I always hope for: horses on the beach.

3 horses head on 6-21-2014 11-37-25 AM

During some of our winter trips, we didn’t see any horses, on others, we’d see a few. I guess the horses are like us humans: they much prefer the beach during the summer.

~These Days Of Mine~

21 responses to “And The Answer Is….

  1. Super photos…..hope you find out the little one’s name!


  2. Beautiful! Wonderful reward for an early morning. One day we’ll get to see them too.

  3. Wow 39 horses. Sounds like horse-heaven to me. That colt is so cute. I hope you can out it name.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful visit with these beauties. They’re such magnificent creatures. 🙂

  4. Loved this post – especially the photograph of the horses on the beach!! Definitely frameable!!

  5. I love the black horses or dark brown bays.

  6. Glad you were successful and saw horses on your weekend away!

  7. a horse makes a good day great 🙂 Lovely color on the foal! MJ

  8. Ooo, Black Beauty is my favorite — really captured my eye. Horses really are such magnificent creatures and these wild ones…well, they make me speechless.

  9. we knew you had. you have a gift for finding them. rarely do you post about not seeing any. 🙂

  10. Your love of horses must draw them near. Your photos are enchanting, just as your day must have been. 🙂

  11. Little “all legs” foal! Hope you find out its name… sweet.

  12. LOVE!

  13. Wow. You hit the jackpot! Beauties and babies and beach bums.

  14. Horses on the beach are such a good thing. And so Outer Banks. Great images, Dianna.

  15. Another fine collection here! It looks like they were all enjoying the beach that day !

  16. Love the horses and beach shots. So glad you run into them.

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another good horse day for pictures. Wonderful!

  18. How wonderful to see these beautiful animals running free like that. Loved your shots, especially the one with the lighthouse.

  19. Looks like surf’s up for the horses! Great photos, Dianna. Thank you so much for sharing!

  20. So stunning – really is quite the sight…You must be mesmerized every single time!!

  21. I’m glad you got to see them–especially the young ones!

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