I Feel Safe Here

Monday afternoon, we had sunshine for the first time in several days. I happened to look out of our bedroom window and saw this precious little deer:

deer1 3-2-2015 4-03-14 PM

(Yes, our poor bench is sinking into the ground. We may not get out to straighten it until the “spring thaw”.)

I’d never seen a deer so relaxed in our yard, so I kept going back to the window every few minutes.  Aw….even sweeter than before.

sleepy deer 3-2-2015 4-11-22 PM

About 30 minutes later, I was starting to get concerned that something may be wrong with him because he had been lying there so long. Motor Man tapped on the window, and the deer raised its head and looked in our direction, but wasn’t bothered in the least.

looking at you 3-2-2015 4-46-36 PM

Then he began chewing, and that went on for several more minutes. I know cows chew cuds, but do deer also do that?

chewing 3-2-2015 4-46-50 PM

It was time for us to leave to meet friends for dinner, but I really was worried about leaving him; he just looked so tiny and vulnerable.  As we pulled out of our driveway, I happened to see two other (larger) deer lying a short distance from where he was. That made me feel much better.

2 deer 3-2-2015 4-55-09 PM

They were just sunning themselves (as Motor Man had told me all along). Guess humans aren’t the only ones ready for some sunshine.

~These Days Of Mine~

21 responses to “I Feel Safe Here

  1. I always wondered what deer did when they weren’t crossing the road?!? Now we know!! These are such sweet pics (especially the 2nd one♥) ….thanks so much for capturing them and sharing!

  2. Nice photos…..the deer look quite healthy too……my first though was he was just sunning himself……and chewing their cud – we see that frequently as well……………..your yard is known among the wildlife to be a “sanctuary” I’m sure….ducks, geese, swans, deer and all manner of critters know you won’t chase them away and they may even get something yummy to munch!


  3. Brenda Hodgson

    Great pictures! So sweet!

  4. Just one big Aw… and just a beautiful touch of golden light on the tiny one ♥

  5. The news of your sanctuary and hospitality travels fast. Cute photos.
    ~ Clyde (in the rain)

  6. I love the pictures of the deer looking so relaxed. They know from experience they’re safe in your yard. I hope they stay close all year. They must be hungry with snow being on the ground so long.

  7. You’re so fortunate to have these beautiful creatures relaxing on your property, Dianna. I guess we’re all seeking a little warmth after this winter. Great photos!

  8. Beautiful and peaceful – they know their safe. ….And yes, deer do chew their cuds.

  9. Awww…nice warm sun puddles.

  10. Oh, how amazing!! Great pictures!

  11. Worrying about things out of the ordinary is something I do too. When we first got two horses and one was lying down on its side, I was sure she was gravely ill. I called all my horsey friends who assured me she was just resting. 🙂 Your deer photos are truly wonderful and your home is surely a safe place for all the wildlife you can photograph.

  12. I agree with Susie above, those deer knew your home is a safe haven. Sweet and peaceful too. The photos are absolutely precious, Dianna.

  13. They look like Disney Deer to me–so beautiful and move star cute! as I was saying last night–I am sure their struggle for survival in this bitter weather has been beyond our comprehension–they are just worn out and your yard is a sanctuary for them. Shoot, build a little cabin and it could be a sanctuary for me too!! thanks for sharing–I loved it!

  14. so very cute! yes, deer are ruminants. 🙂

  15. Definitely “at-home” in these pics !
    Not a care in the world ; )

  16. Yep! Wes see those all around our village and every morning. And Deer chew their cud. It is also called ruminating, named after the rumen. Animals that can do this are called ruminants. Great shots!

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    A home away from home for sure! Wonderful pictures.

  18. While I sit here with my space heater blasting my feet all I could saw was … “awww” – so sweet. They have a friend in you.

  19. And this picture was in our local paper this morning. Congratulations!

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