Random Five/Willy Nilly Friday

Another Friday, another dose of randomness.

1.) Can you stand another sunrise photo?  The water was as calm yesterday morning as you ever see it.  Today’s view is much different: rainy and gloomy.

sunrise 3-19-2015 6-58-11 AM

2.) Tomorrow,  a couple of my friends are coming to join me at the Vintage Market on Main Street. The weather forecast is for sunny and temps around 60. Vintage shopping followed by lunch: sounds like a fun day.


3.) When we visited Bacon’s Castle last weekend and walked across the mill stone at the entrance of the house, I mentioned to my friends that I had an old photo of my aunt standing on that stone. Here is Aunt Lucille, my mom’s sister, in 1940. (The front of the house looks nothing like this now; the porch has since been removed, but the stone is still there.)

aunt lucille on mill stone  19403-19-2015 2-05-29 PM 3-19-2015 2-05-29 PM

4.) Silly Sundae.  She had been lying on my stomach under her blanket, then decided to emerge. She definitely has the attitude going…


5.) And speaking of attitude, I’ll get the full benefit of that today, when I take her for her regular check-up.  Your thoughts would be appreciated around 10:45, as I’m attempting to persuade coax coerce drop her unceremoniously (but gently) bottom-first into the carrier.

And what fun randomness is happening in your world today?

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19 responses to “Random Five/Willy Nilly Friday

  1. I never tire of your sunrise photos, Dianna. Have a great time tomorrow. It sounds like the weather will be perfect…enjoy! 🙂

  2. Nice randomness! I remember the millstone at the Castle……that photo is wonderful. Sundae is so cute – good luck at the vets!


  3. #1 Of course!
    #2 Looks great.
    #3 A great memory.
    #4 Silly Sundae is quite the name.
    #5 Independent.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. Loved all the photos, especially your beautiful Aunt and silly Sundae emerging from her haven 🙂 Happy Friday! MJ

  5. Love the collections of photos you showed us. Especially that sunset.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. That is a very sweet picture of Sundae! Never get tired of your sunrises and sunsets. Lunch with friends is always nice. We drove to St. Louis and met my sis-in-law for lunch yesterday, we had the nicest time 🙂

  7. Good luck with Sundae! I used to try that with Alex, and he would hold on with his hind legs!

  8. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL sunrise! Mornings like this really make us appreciate them. Picture of your Aunt is wonderful – love the styles.

  9. as always your sunrises are too much for words. I can’t see the sunrise from here for the trees. darn. Glad you mentioned the vintage market. I may just check it out.

  10. Beautiful sunrise!! But then most of them are from your back yard…well, rain does make a difference!
    Love the picture of Aunt Lucille…I’ve never seen that one.

  11. good luck with your kitty adventure – and . . that photo of Aunt Lucille looks like magic . .

  12. It’s snowing here in PA! We are getting 3 to 5 inches!

  13. Great Randomness! LOVE your sunrise photos, bring em on! Sundae is a scamp and good luck at the vet!
    Nellie says – sing our warrior song! It will make the humans feels guilty!

  14. cool millstone! i always stress about taking my pets to the vet.

  15. Definitely had the mirror effect going for that sunrise photo – very calm…
    It’s embarrassing, but I didn’t even know about that market tomorrow …!
    & what a great pic of Aunt Lucille on the Castle millstone… I haven’t seen it in a while..
    & Sundae.. I see the attitude !

  16. You and I lost contact a couple of years ago! Good to see you on here. Nice Willy Nilly 5..Love the photo of your Aunt at Bacon’s Castle!

  17. Here’s hoping the vet app’t went well … or at least made for a great blog post?? 🙂
    Keep the sunrises coming!

  18. Oh Sundae is adorable. I hope the dropping into the carrier went successfully. I usually have to do a lot of conjoling and treats to get mine in. 🙂

  19. Not nearly as much excitement here as you’re about to have getting Sundae ready for the trip to the vet! Did she get a lollipop for good behavior? Is the Vintage Market a regular occurrence? I hadn’t heard of it. Nice sunrise! Thanks again for getting up for it. 🙂 I’m glad the stone was kept, nice photo depicting it with your aunt.

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