Dear Deer

Here’s the latest post featuring “our” deer. I’ve decided that I’ll just enjoy them and try not worry about all my shrubs they’ve been munching on all winter.

This was Friday evening. We noticed them from our bedroom window, and I quietly slipped out on the deck to get photos. Obviously, I wasn’t quite as stealthy as I thought.

looky1 3-20-2015 6-05-04 PM

I love how they seem so interested in what I’m doing.

looky3a 3-20-2015 6-05-34 PM

Is it just me, or does that little one resemble a llama? His legs just seem a little short….

3 looking 3-20-2015 6-07-05 PM

But, as I told Motor Man years ago when he mentioned how short MY legs are: they DO reach the ground!

little one stepping 3-20-2015 6-07-07 PM

The little one was so curious, he looked as though he would have liked to come closer, but didn’t.

hello 3-20-2015 6-07-31 PM

There were eight in our yard that evening.

Dear Deer, please just munch on the grass, preferably the weeds.  Those pretty shrubs (called hydrangeas, by the way) are really not good for you. Thanks.

~These Days Of Mine~

16 responses to “Dear Deer

  1. Maybe they’re hoping for a handout? Beautiful deer – we love seeing them too even though they DO trim our plants more than we might like!

  2. That little one does look odd. Short legs, short thick neck. I am thinking it’s all that winter furs.. 😉 CH has chicken wire over almost every plant and young tree in our yard.. it looks oh so pretty :/ I will be happy when the chicken wire comes off… at least we still have our forsythia this Spring!

  3. Great photos, Dianna! The little one does resemble a llama. His neck is definitely more full. Maybe he’ll grow into it. 🙂

  4. it is like having your own Keen Wildlife Sanctuary! I’ll bet if you tried you could have them eating out of your hand -but then again that would be the last thing you would want! They are beautiful and now that you mention it the little 1 does have short legs but like junior says just like yours they reach the ground Fine! charming post about a charming subject!

  5. Wonderful visitors!! I still think a bale of hay might give them something to munch on instead of your shrubs!

  6. Cute and funny! The llama-deer is so much woolier, too? Maybe when he sheds that winter wool he’ll look more balanced.

  7. The young short one does look like a llama. hmmm…

  8. oh, they’re just beautiful!

  9. You’re feeding a whole herd!

  10. Llama deer! Who knows ?!
    They do seem very interested .. They want to know who’s planting all their food!!

  11. Wes has a herd of deer in our town. They likes to keep our hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon up all night, barking at their antics (and Mommy and Daddy too) Wes lucky wes gots a fence around our yard as they has been happily eating all our neighbors tulips and daffy down dillies!
    Wes LOVED the pictures of your deers!

  12. Fascinating – I love watching them too – just don’t appreciate their destruction. I KNOW – they’re doing what deer do:>

  13. That one does look like a llama. You don’t reckon do you that a llama got to frisky with a deer? Nah… Poor thing. It might be like Rudolph and shunned by his peers, looking like that and all.

  14. Eight? You’d better get busy and plant some more shrubs! They are beautiful. They’ve been reading your blog and and wanted to get some press time. 😉

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    They have such beautiful and interesting faces.

  16. They annoy the heck out of my good friend, she gets her pots and pans out and tries to scare them off. I like to run out and get photos, as you did here. I love the way their eyes are so gentle and big. They seem very sweet, but I know they can take all kinds of things, ruin plants and flowers, but she hates that they eat up the corn for the squirrels and rattle the bird feeders to shake down food, too. Your peeking deer is cute!

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