Random Five Friday

The first RFF of the New Year!

1.) When I was a a little girl, my sister, June, would occasionally knit a sweater for me. Then she’d use the leftover yarn to knit a coat for my Barbie doll. (Sadly, when I was about 13, I gave away all my Barbies and clothes.) This year, for Christmas,  June gave me a pair of hand-knit socks.  Mmmmm…toasty!

socks 12-29-2013 11-20-59 AM

2.) A few days ago, the morning sky was beautifully amazing with contrail X’s.

contrail sky 12-29-2013 8-07-48 PM

3.) Do you think Gypsy has officially outgrown her bed?  She continues to ignore the brand new, larger one that Santa brought her.

gypsy outgrew her bed 1-2-2014 3-13-18 PM

4.) Update on the tablet that Motor Man and I got for Christmas: the Verizon store didn’t have the protective case for it the day we bought it, so they ordered it and had it sent to us.  After two days of trying to figure out how to put it on the tablet, we gave up and went back to Verizon to watch them have them do it.  Motor Man said they all probably had a good laugh when we left the store.

5.) Ever since we went sleigh riding in Townshend, Vermont last year around this time, I’ve kept the town as a favorite in my weather app.  This morning, it’s four degrees there. Yesterday, they had 3.5 inches of snow, and another inch is forecast for today. Is it possible to be homesick for a place you’ve only been once (for two days) in your life?

horses in snowa 12-30-2012 11-41-53 AM

Linking up to Nancy’s Random Five Friday.

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30 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Oh June knit you some nice toasty socks! I think Gypsy probably loves that first bed because it was the place she felt safe after you and JR rescued her there at the shop…..she IS outgrowing it but doesn’t look like she minds! We have 3-4 inches of white stuff here this morning too and it’s probably about the same temp as your “favorite city”……and YES you can miss any place where you left a piece of your heart behind!


  2. LOVE the knit socks – I like toasty! I’d like to see some of the white stuff – horses just make the picture! Winds are brutal this morning.

  3. Love the sky and the planes’ contrails crossing each other. And your kitty…darling!! Those socks look toasty warm.

  4. OldeTownePhotos

    Happy Friday. I almost got blown away on my bike ride to my daughter’s this morning. Glad I was wearing my not-to-be-seen-in-public knit socks and matching hat.

  5. wow those are some fancy socks, love the blue. aren’t cats funny, all of ours choose places too tight or to small to sleep in..it is odd how some places do grab your heart strings even after a short time being there…lovely place by your photo…

  6. I keep my hometown on my weather app; makes me closer to home 🙂

    And Gypsy has it all figured out. She’ll move to that new bed when you least expect it !!

    Great sox!

  7. WOW!! My…(your) socks made Random 5 Friday! I’m honored. Gypsy is sure getting to be a big girl…She knows what she likes and I guess that smaller bed is really liked!

  8. Such a fine gift hand knit socks and in your favorite color, too.

  9. Love your new socks. I haven’t tried knitting or crocheting socks … it’s on my list to try. Gypsy is a beauty. She’ll move to her new bed when she’s ready. Yes, I think you can be homesick for a place you’ve only been once — sort of magical! Happy New Year!

  10. I bet those socks ARE warm! I need a refresher course on knitting. I would love to knit again even if I didn’t make a thing. Just the motions of knitting give me a peaceful feeling. I think Gypsy will always like snuggling into her too small bed.. 🙂 I am one up on you, I am in love with a place I have never been but I know I could be oh so happy there for the rest of my life… 🙂 Santa Fe, New Mexico. Been to Albuquerque plenty of times but never Santa Fe. You are dreaming about Friesians.. 🙂

  11. Oh those socks are fabulous and I do think Gypsy does not seem to mind the shortness of the bed:)
    Homesick oh yes I am homesick for Vancouver especially knowing it is warmer than here in Ontario right now. Beautiful spot you are missing:) B

  12. That photo of Vermont could have been taken here too. Plenty of snow on the ground and 5 degrees this morning. You’d need those toasty warm socks if you were sleigh riding here today!

  13. Love those socks!! Makes me wish I knew how to knit! Gypsy still looks comfortable in her old bed, but maybe in time she will accept the new one. The last picture is sending me off to stand in front of the heater. lol

  14. lol she does look a bit big for it…beds must have been the hot christmas gift this year, santa brought our ozzy one too, but he loves it!

  15. laughed at the tablet case. 🙂

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The socks are wonderful and look so warm. Gypsy is waiting to break the new bed in later when she can no longer get in her first bed, The picture of the sky,horses and snow are beautiful. I understand the problem with the tablet, that’s why I married a man that loves electronics cause I know nothing……..

  17. Love your socks. As a fellow knitter (I’m working on a baby blanket for my niece and nephews soon to be daughter #2!) I know how much time and love went into making those socks. Vermont is a special place and must have captured your heart. I have lots of places I’ve been to like that. Gypsy sure is getting big and it’s a known fact that cats like to fit into small places. Maybe she’s just not quite big enough for her new bed.

  18. Another great assortment! Perfect socks for this weather ! .. That sky was amazing the other morning… and I’d have to say that Gyp has found the sweet spot in that old bed!
    Love the dark horses against the white snow 😉

  19. I love your banner photo! And how wonderful to have a sister who loves you enough to knit for you. As for your question about homesickness: in a word: Yes.

  20. I still have some leggings about the same color as your socks that my aunt knit for me several years ago. I hope I don’t need them this weekend when it turns even colder. I love the skies when there are a lot of contrails, pretty shot!

  21. Yes, I think the kitty’s old bed needs to disappear so she will be forced to use the new one. A bit of her is hanging out on both ends!

    Yes, you can be homesick for a place you haven’t been to much. I get homesick for Paris. Been there twice, love the city and wish I could go back again.

  22. Love the socks! Pretty color.
    And yes, I do believe it’s entirely possible to be homesick… even for a place you’ve never been to! My place like that is Lancaster, PA. Someday, I’ll get there. 🙂

  23. Great socks, I´d need those! 🙂

  24. Hand knitted socks are the best!

  25. Vermont sounds like a good place to be monitoring.

  26. The socks are great. And, the matching sweaters for you and your Barbie doll must have been so much fun when you were a kid. Your sister sounds like a really special person.

  27. what a beautiful sky!

  28. itsallaboutpurple

    what an interesting sky…..and i love the last image, looks like somewhere i would love to be!! the new picture of you is just beautiful!!

  29. Knitted slippers are awesome.
    Oh your kitty is so pretty, I love her color, such a soft shade of gray.
    Loving that sky shot too.

  30. Maybe Gypsy likes her feet hanging off the edge? Hopefully she’ll take to her new bed soon. I can identify with your thoughts of being homesick for a place once visited.

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