Winter Horses

Saturday, Motor Man and I made a quick trip to the Outer Banks.

You could say that we had the beach to ourselves. (We’ve never seen as many tree stumps as we did this time.)

beach 2-28-2015 12-39-57 PM

We saw ten horses, including these three in one of the canals.

horses in water 2-28-2015 1-10-08 PM

And this one, strolling along in a patch of snow.

horse in snow 2-28-2015 1-16-42 PM

I loved this furry fella in the yard of a beach house; he’s needed that winter coat with all the cold temps this year.

woolly 2-28-2015 1-13-06 PM

In a few weeks, this beach will be bustling with people.

sky2 2-28-2015 1-48-08 PM

But, Saturday, it was almost all ours.

~These Days Of Mine~

16 responses to “Winter Horses

  1. I know you have been missing “your” horses – glad you got to see a few out braving the cold.


  2. I’m glad the horses have extra furry coats this winter. I sure could have used one and I’m not outside like they are. Hope they can shed that fur before much longer!

  3. Nice trip for Saturday! Nice to see your horses and yes they do look furry!! I am missing the beach, I want to go back to Florida!

  4. I like the furry fella too! Great pictures, Dianna!

  5. Amazing amount of tree stumps, Dianna. Do you have any idea how they end up there?

  6. Oh, your horses are so beautiful!

  7. Beautiful in their fur coats. …And I LOVED turning up the page in my calendar to March and seeing your PERFECT picture of ‘your’ horse on the beach.

  8. Those furry fellows warmed your heart I bet on your beach trip. Thanks for taking us along…it made a nice getaway from my scenery outside — MORE snow and ice! :-O

  9. sweet furry equines!

  10. Great wintertime beach pics !
    I’ve never seen an image like the first one here … it makes a very interesting impression … different …

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I’m with Marshall about the first picture. I have never seen that before. Great pictures of the horses.

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Question, Dianna. Who cleans up the stumps on the beach?

  13. The stumps are THERE all the time – they’re tree stumps – still in the ground. So they never go anywhere – they’re just covered or uncovered by the sand and water, depending on the ocean.

  14. Lovely!
    We LOVE it!

  15. They’re so beautiful ^_^

  16. It’s nice to have the place to yourselves–with a few horses sprinkled in here and there. 🙂

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